The Main Use Of 40ft Container Trailer And Check Light

The Main Use Of 40ft Container Trailer And Check Light

What is a 40ft container trailer

40ft container trailer is also called skeleton container semi trailer or container chassis trailer. Semi trailer with container structure for cargo carrying part. It is mainly used for logistics systems supporting ships, ports, airlines, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels and multimodal transport.

The Main Use Of 40ft Container Trailer And Check Light

Main uses of 40ft container trailer

  1. It is specially used for the transportation of various containers. It can be used repeatedly for a long time and has sufficient strength.
  2. When the goods are transferred in containers, they can be loaded directly in the warehouse of the shipper and unloaded in the warehouse of the consignee. When changing the vehicle or ship halfway, there is no need to take the goods out of the box for replacement.
  3. It can be loaded and unloaded quickly, and it can be directly and conveniently changed from one means of transportation to another.
  4. The 40ft container trailer is convenient for loading and unloading goods to meet the personalized needs of customers. According to the needs of customers, the tooling is guaranteed, with stable quality and reliable performance.

The Main Use Of 40ft Container Trailer And Check Light

What is the meaning of the inspection light on the tractor truck

1. When the instrument panel water level light on the tractor truck is on

Because the water in the water tank will not be reduced for no reason, it should be the problem of the cooling system.

There are two possibilities, one is that there is water leakage somewhere in the tractor truck, and the other is that the temperature is too high and the pressure of the cooling system rises to squeeze out the water. If the water tank leaks, add water to the auxiliary water tank temporarily, and then try to drive to the nearby repair shop for technicians to deal with. The location of the auxiliary water tank in different vehicles is also different. It is suggested that the owner should refer to the owner’s manual first. Keep in mind that because the engine works at a very high temperature, do not open the water tank cover easily, so as to avoid damage caused by the instant steam.

The Main Use Of 40ft Container Trailer And Check Light

2. The oil pump pressure of tractor truck is insufficient

At this time, stop as soon as possible to avoid engine damage caused by your tractor truck running without oil lubrication.

3. The engine oil lamp on the instrument panel is on

There are two possibilities. One is that the oil quantity is insufficient, and the engine cannot be fully lubricated by the oil, and the oil will not be consumed in large quantities under normal circumstances, so it may be the engine oil leakage.

The Main Use Of 40ft Container Trailer And Check Light

4. If the water temperature light is on but not under the above conditions

It means that the cooling fan used for heat dissipation has problems, and you must stop driving immediately, otherwise the sudden rise in temperature and pressure will make the coolant turn into high-pressure steam and leak out, which will also lead to the deformation of the engine cylinder head or the damage of the cylinder mattress. At that time, your tractor truck will take one to two days to repair.

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