3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer: How To Choose Between Light Weight And Safety

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer: How To Choose Between Light Weight And Safety

At present, many semi trailer factory have the design of shaped hole. Its propaganda claims that shaped hole can reduce the weight of 3 axle flatbed semi trailer, and can release the internal stress of the frame, is a combination of light weight and high strength. But exactly how much weight can be reduced? Shaped holes and will not reduce the strength of the frame?

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer: How To Choose Between Light Weight And Safety

In response to the claim of weight reduction, the designers of our FUDENG trailer factory made an experiment for this purpose, taking the web of 5mm thick beam commonly used in the market as an example, the weight reduction of one shaped hole is about 0.39kg after actual measurement. 21 holes for one beam and 42 holes for two beams, so the total weight reduction is only 16.38kg, which is only equivalent to the amount of a bucket of water.

But Why Do People Still Choose Lightweight Semi Trailers?

From the point of view of weight reduction, the effect is not very obvious, why do people still think that shaped holes can significantly reduce the dead weight of 3 axle flatbed trailer? One is because the shaped hole on the frame looks like a lot less steel after hitting, and it looks a lot lighter. Secondly, other places of the trailer also carried out the weight reduction treatment, but the publicity of the transition to promote the credit of the shaped hole.

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer: How To Choose Between Light Weight And Safety

Secondly, if the shaped hole is not designed properly, it will cause the whole frame strength of flatbed semi trailer is inconsistent, and it is easy to break in the opening place. When FUDENG trailer engineers conduct market research, they found that some of the shaped hole frame breakage is from the opening of the shaped hole, which is typically caused by unreasonable opening, because the hole punching caused the frame strength is not enough.

Is it that the frame of flatbed trailer with shaped hole can’t be used? Of course not. If it is standard load transport, and the road conditions are high speed or better ordinary road, can also be used normally. But if it is a heavy load or road conditions are not good, or need to be careful to choose shaped hole frame trailer.

FUDENG Engineer: Choose The Right 3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer According To The Situation

When communicating with FUDENG trailers engineers, it was said that because there are still many areas abroad where the road conditions are not very good and the road surface is uneven, coupled with the uneven weight of the goods, it may lead to the fracture of the beam of the shaped hole 3 axle flatbed semi trailer during transportation, so for the sake of customer safety, we will recommend the right flatbed semi trailer according to customer requirements and application scenarios.

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer: How To Choose Between Light Weight And Safety

For customers with bad transport environment road conditions, we will add reinforcement for the parts of the semi trailer that are easy to crack, such as suspension bracket, gooseneck connection and such places to ensure that these parts will not break when driving, some of them are to enable customers to drive safely.

Some people also ask if the 40ft flatbed trailer will be heavy if they choose to add reinforcement. According to the data given by FUDENG trailer engineers, according to the current steel and production process used by FUDENG, the weight of the produced trailer is around 6.2-6.5 tons, and the strength definitely exceeds that of the light weight 3 axle flatbed semi trailer.

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer: How To Choose Between Light Weight And Safety

From the current and future logistics and transportation point of view, lightweight is definitely a development trend, but we can not sacrifice the reliability of the vehicle while pursuing lightweight. If you are a better working condition of standard load transport, you can first consider the lighter self-weight shaped hole semi trailer. However, if the operating conditions are more complicated and there is heavy load, you should consider the flatbed semi trailer with added reinforcement. All these we can customize for you.

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