Differences Between Skeletal Container Trailers And Box Trailers


In various ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, and other logistics systems, a variety of semi-trailers are needed to transport goods. Among these many types, we must mention skeletal container trailers and box trailers. They are the two most popular types of trailers, and many buyers choose one of them for that reason. But there are some differences between them, which can lead to different choices. I think you should have a better understanding of which type you need after reading this article.

What is a skeletal container trailer?


There is a commonly used semi-trailer – skeletal container trailer, which has a large volume, large transport capacity, and high transport efficiency. Unlike other semi-trailers, a skeletal semi trailer is mainly used for transporting containers. The container is loaded onto the trailer directly from the warehouse and transported to the warehouse, where the harvest is unloaded. In the middle, if you need to change the vehicle and vessel, you only need to move the container. You do not need to unload or load the goods piecemeal. So you can achieve rapid loading and unloading from one means of transport directly to another means of transportation. This can significantly improve efficiency and facilitate the loading and unloading empty goods. And can meet the individual needs of customers, stable quality, and reliable performance.

What is a box trailer?


Among the semi-trailers, there is another popular model – a box trailer. When you think of a box trailer, you think of an enclosed box. There is indeed some truth to this. The goods you want to transport can be hidden in an airtight box. And the cargo compartment of this trailer is fixed and cannot be taken down individually. This increases the safety during transport considerably. Compared to skeletal container trailers, box trailers have less cargo-carrying capacity. They mainly carry and transport lighter goods such as household appliances.

The Differences Between Skeletal Container Trailers and Box Trailers

Are skeletal container trailers and box trailers the same? No, they are not. Although these two types of semi-trailers are equipped with cargo compartments, both can be used to transport goods, and they don’t sound all that different, but there are still some differences. It is only by understanding the differences between them that you can make a more appropriate choice. Continue reading!

1. Structure design

The cargo compartment of a skeletal semi trailer belongs to the category of cargo. They are integrated. The body is only the frame, and the cargo can be unloaded together with the container when unloading. On the other hand, the cargo compartment of a box trailer is fixed and cannot be detached separately. The cargo is only loaded in the box and be removed piecemeal from the box when unloading.

2. Length limit

According to the relevant provisions, the length of the skeleton trailer limit of 13.95 meters. This is mainly in consideration of the length of the container. For example, the length of a semi-trailer capable of transporting a 45 feet container is 13.95 meters according to the skeletal trailer dimensions. And the box trailer length limit is 13.75 meters.

3. Use

You can use a skeletal container trailer or a box trailer for different cargo types. Containers can be transported by using skeletal semi trailers. You often see large containers in the docks and ports to load and transport through this type of trailer. The box trailer has less cargo-carrying capacity in comparison. And it is mainly used for transporting household appliances, light textile goods, and other goods. In most cases, this type is often required for long-distance transport, such as express shipping.

4. Loading capacity

We have, in fact, just mentioned this issue. The two types of semi-trailers have different loading capacities. In general, the skeletal container semi trailer is superior in this respect. It has a greater loading capacity. But this is not absolute. You can choose from a variety of sizes to suit your shipping requirements. As one of the best China semi trailer manufacturers, Shandong Fudeng Auto Co., Ltd. has a semi-trailer design and research team dedicated to providing the highest-quality semi-trailers. We can supply high-quality skeletal container trailers and box trailers according to your bespoke requirements.

5. Safety performance

The safety performance of a semi-trailer is closely related to many factors. However, the safety of the container skeletal semi-trailers could be improved if only the construction of the trailer is taken into account. Because the skeletal container trailer loaded container and the body is not one, it is connected by a particular container lock. If in the case of a full load when encountering emergency braking, it is easy to cause damage to the cargo compartment, and even the cargo compartment into the cab, threatening the safety of personnel. In contrast, the cargo compartment of the box trailers is fixed and cannot be taken down individually. This increases the security during transport considerably.

Which is better for you, a skeletal container trailer or a box trailer?

skeletal_container_trailer      box_trailer_for_sale

You already know the difference between them. So, which one is right for you? The truth is that you should start with your transport needs. Consider the following: the type and weight of the goods being loaded, the road conditions on traveled routes, the budget, etc. Only models that are tailored to your needs will be suitable. The skeletal container trailers are ideal for international cargo containers measuring between 20 and 45 feet. What if you ship a small amount? This is where box trailers are helpful. These trailers can transport small items such as appliances or furniture. Besides, skeletal container trailers have large transport capacity and high transport efficiency and are easy to maneuver, making them ideal for transporting cargo. Short-term transport is possible with the help of this type of trailer. For long-distance travel, box trailers are more suitable. They are stronger and safer.

Conclusion: Skeletal Container Trailer And Box Trailer For Sale

Whether you are transporting goods or storing them, trailers are a good choice. The choice of a semi-trailer may be a difficult one for some people. But in fact, there is no difficulty. Just find out what you are transporting and where you are transporting it. All problems are solved. The choice between skeletal container trailers and box trailers is the same. If you are still unsure, you can always contact us. We will give you professional answers.

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