Two Of The Top End Dump Trailers In The Industry

Two Of The Top End Dump Trailers In The Industry

With the rapid development of urbanization, there is a growing demand for dump trailers in social production and life. Whether it is subway construction, house repair or the construction of facilities in other fields, it is necessary to transport coal, ore, construction materials and other bulk goods with dump trailers.

Two Of The Top End Dump Trailers In The Industry

As more and more countries strengthen the governance of overload transportation, transportation standardization has become an inevitable trend. For trailers, standardization means light weight. Many drivers feel that the weight of the trailer is proportional to the safety. In fact, this is not the case. Light weight trailers are optimized and manufactured after complex road tests. There is no doubt about their safety. Today, FUDENG Trailer brings you two very good lightweight end dump trailers. If you are interested, you can learn about it.

U Shaped End Dump Trailers

Today we will first introduce the two end dump trailer series products of FUDENG Trailer. The first U shaped end dump trailer is mainly for the transportation market of sand, gravel, slag, clay, clay, mineral materials (powder, small pieces), coal, lime powder and other related goods. The parameters of the end dump trailer are 10.5 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and 3.35 meters high. The total weight of this semi-trailer is 40 tons and the self weight is 7.5 tons. That is to say, it can transport 32.5 tons of goods.

Two Of The Top End Dump Trailers In The Industry

Rectangular End Dump Trailers

The second moment type rear dump semi trailer is designed for the same transportation scenario as the first one. It is also aimed at the transportation market of sand and gravel, raw coal, small stones, slag, mineral materials (powder, block), lime powder and other related goods. The specification of this semi-trailer dump truck is 9.5m/10m × 2.55m × 3.25 M / 3.3 M. The curb weight of the vehicle is 7.4 tons,.

Two Of The Top End Dump Trailers In The Industry

Design Advantages Of End Dump Trailer

These two dump trailers of FUDENG Trailer adopt low bearing surface structure. It has the advantages of low center of gravity, smooth running, safe lifting and low failure rate. Trough type integrated girder, high strength, no welding, can reduce daily maintenance costs. The structure, front and rear suspension and lifting angle of the whole vehicle are optimized. Through finite element analysis, the structural performance of the whole vehicle has been significantly improved. The vehicle is more stable and not inclined when lifting, so as to ensure more safety, smoothness and speed when unloading.

Aluminum Dump Trailers

These two types of rear dump trailers are made of high-strength steel plates, which are solid and durable. In addition, we can also customize aluminum dump trackers for you. With the new car structure, the dead weight of the car body can be greatly reduced. The container with the characteristic structure design also has a larger loading capacity, which can load more goods during transportation.

Two Of The Top End Dump Trailers In The Industry

About us

FUDENG trailer is a top China trailer manufacturers in the benchmarking industry. It is a semi-trailer manufacturer with brand-new design and high standard construction. The main products include more than 20 varieties of three series of bulk cement tank trailers, dump semi trailers and container semi trailers. At the same time, the company is also a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. It effectively ensures the good quality and after-sales service of the vehicle.

With the rapid development of the dump trailer market, the transportation of goods has presented a variety and diversified situation. Coupled with the trend of product standardization, the single performance dump semi-trailer can not meet the market demand. The two multifunctional rear dump semi trailers with light weight and high safety introduced this time will surely become the main choice for the African dump trailer Market in the future.

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