3 Axle Side Wall Trailer – Composed Of These 9 Structures

3 Axle Side Wall Trailer – Composed Of These 9 Structures

I introduced all kinds of semi trailers to you earlier, such as lowbed trailer, oil tanker trailer, bulk cement tank trailer, etc. I believe you have a certain understanding. This time, I want to share with you the structure of the 3 axle sidewall trailer. I hope this example can give you a comprehensive understanding of the structure and configuration of various semi trailers, so that you can know well when buying a sidewall trailer and carrying out Trailer maintenance.

Sidewall Trailer Drawings

The above figure is the structural diagram of a 3 axle side wall trailer. We can clearly see the main components and positions of the trailer. Now let’s make a detailed interpretation of each part.

1. FUDENG Side Wall Trailer Frame

The frame is the main component used to support the load, install the traction pin, suspension, support and other devices. It is composed of girder, supporting beam, connecting beam, side beam, lock, traction pin connecting device, panel, etc.

Edge beams are generally channel steel or bending parts. At present, most 3 axle side wall trailers use channel steel, and there will be more side beams of light body bending parts, because the strength requirement is not too great. The supporting beam is the through beam. Now most of them are w beams, and only channel steel of more than 10 # is used for heavy goods.

2. 3 Axle Side Wall Trailer Top Loading Part

For side wall trailers, the upper part refers to the side wall, gantry, etc. The side wall is divided into flat plate and vertical corrugated plate. The vertical corrugated plate is a typical plate, and its strength will be higher.

side wall
Longmen frame

Longmen frame

Gantry can also be called “front block”. Generally, it will be movable and removable without special requirements. Therefore, for goods that often pull heavy goods and are easy to slide, we must weld the gantry and add two oblique pulls.

3. Sidewall Trailer Towing Pin

Sidewall trailer towing pin1
Sidewall trailer towing saddle

The traction pin is an important component connecting the 3 axle drop side Trailer with the tractor and bearing the traction force, which is connected with the traction seat. According to the diameter, the traction pin can be divided into 50 (mm) and 90. According to the assembly method, it can be divided into welding type and assembly type. It is generally forged from carbon steel and alloy steel.

It is limited to the total weight of 50t trailer and goods, and 50 # pin is used for less than 50t. More than 50t is 90 # and more than 90t, 90 # traction pin will be used for safety.

4. 3 Axle Dropside Trailer Suspension System

The suspension system of semi trailer is the general name of a complete set of devices that connect the 40ft side wall trailer frame with the axle. It has the functions of load transmission and shock absorption. Generally, the 40 foot sidewall trailer suspension adopts the non independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension. It is composed of series leaf spring and suspension support.

Due to different uses of special vehicles, there are different requirements for the design of suspension. There are two kinds of suspension commonly used:air suspension and rigid suspension.

Sidewall trailer air suspension
Side wall trailer steel plate suspension

5. 13m Side Wall Trailer Traveling Part


The 13 meter side wall trailer axle is an important part of the trailer. The suspension is connected with the frame to load the semi-trailer and maintain the normal driving of the vehicle on the road. In China, it is mainly Fuwa bridge, BPW bridge, etc.

Steel Rim Tires

Steel rings and tires are equivalent to walking shoes. Steel rings and tires should be matched according to standards.

13m Side Wall Trailer Traveling Part01

6. 40ft Sidewall Trailer Electrical System

40ft Sidewall Trailer Electrical System

The electrical system of the 40ft side wall trailer is composed of seven core sockets, cables, gas circuits, various lamps, etc. The circuit is mainly used for lighting and signaling. The air circuit is a device used for normal driving braking and emergency driving braking. Generally, we can see the big from the small by looking at the regularity of the electrical circuit wiring. We basically know how the quality of this semi-trailer is.

7. Support Device

3 Axle Side Wall Trailer - Composed Of These 9 Structures

The supporting device of the 3 axle sidewall trailer is mainly used to support the trailer during decoupling. There are two types of support devices: single acting and linkage (each single acting outrigger has a handle, while only one linkage is on the right). It is mainly composed of outriggers, connecting brackets, etc. Common models include Fuwa, Jost, etc.

8. FUDENG Drop Side Trailer Guard

FUDENG side wall semi trailer protection device consists of side protection and rear protection. It mainly plays the role of protection and obstruction to protect pedestrians and other vehicles from getting under the semi-trailer.
1. Form of rear guard rail: type A, type B and type C.
2. Form of side guard rail: profile, brim steel, steel plate bending

FUDENG Drop Side Trailer Guard01
FUDENG Drop Side Trailer Guard01
FUDENG Drop Side Trailer Guard01

9. Trailer Gadgets

Trailer Gadgets

Other accessories on the 3 axle side wall semi trailer include tool box, spare tire rack, plug-in pile, etc. There are also some small accessories, such as rope tightener, rope hook and other highly functional accessories, which should be selected according to their own types of goods.

10. 3 Axle Sidewall Semi Trailer Video

If you want to know more about the 3 axle side wall trailer, please watch this video.

In general, a complete side wall semi trailer includes semi trailer frame, upper part (gantry, side wall), traction pin, suspension system, walking part (axle, tire), electrical system, support device, protective device and some optional small accessories.

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