Why Choose FUDENG Semi Trailer

Why Choose FUDENG Semi Trailer

FUDENG semi trailer is a company specializing in semi trailer production. We have certain standards in the design of semi trailers. Everyone can feel its powerful function and quality when using FUDENG semi trailer.

Why Choose FUDENG Semi Trailer
Skeleton Semi Trailer

Advantages of FUDENG semi trailers

1. Design security. Whether it is appearance or product performance, the design of FUDENG semi trailer is reflected in the driving process.
2. More flexible loading and unloading. When loading and unloading, it can better improve the transportation efficiency.
3. Wide application range. FUDENG semi trailer is also competent when we transport some heavy objects or special shaped goods.
4. In terms of height design. The stability of the semi-trailer is more fully considered. The front beam structure and straight rails are adopted to better coordinate the vehicle. Let us feel more at ease when driving.
5. The semi trailer rail adopts automatic submerged arc welding, and the connection is good and not easy to crack. The frame is shot blasted, and the beam is welded into the rail as a whole.

Why Choose FUDENG Semi Trailer
Why Choose FUDENG Semi Trailer )

Why do the prices of semi trailers vary so much?

Some customers will ask. It is also a semi-trailer, and there is not much difference in appearance. Why is FUDENG semi trailer more expensive than other manufacturers? This is mainly a cost issue. We use high quality steel and advanced production equipment. The demands on the manufacturing process and workers are high. Only in this way can we ensure that our semi trailers have the quality that is ahead of the peers when they leave the factory.

Why Choose FUDENG Semi Trailer
Low Flatbed Semi Trailer

1. Steel is different. Big steel mills and small steel mills have different prices. The quality is also different. Large steel mills are several hundred dollars more expensive per ton than small steel mills.

2. The production equipment is different. The same is some domestic brands or imported brands of welding machines, such as Panasonic, Siemens and so on. Some cheap trailer manufacturers use cheap or used welders. Therefore, the quality of welded trailers varies. Even if it looks the same on the outside, it’s different on the inside.

Why Choose FUDENG Semi Trailer
Fuel Tanker Trailer

3. The process cost is different. For example, if the same trailer is produced. Inexpensive manufacturers require 15 operations. And more expensive manufacturers may require 25 processes. This difference in process requires the purchase of equipment and labor costs. It is very troublesome to deal with small corners or small holes of small parts separately, which delays production, so it is done in one pot, and customers who do not understand can not see the internal details at all.

4. Talent costs are different. Salaries are also different for senior engineers, workshop workers, etc. From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands a year. Good engineers design well. Good workshop director manages well. Good workers make good products. Even better, the details of the finished product are built up bit by bit. These have a great impact on quality.

Why Choose FUDENG Semi Trailer

FUDENG always adheres to the concept of serving customers, and does a good job in product production and after-sales service. Welcome to buy more semi trailers from FUDENG.

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