How to test trailer’s capacity?

How to test trailer’s capacity?

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Fudeng Trailer Factory can provide all kinds of semi trailer for Customers ,and Our factory also can provide with Customized service for you ,The common trailer ,Like 20ft/40ft flatbed container semi trailer,Fuel tanker semi trailer,Tipper semi trailer,and so on , We also can provide Sinotruck HOWO brand truck for you as well .

Extension Flatbed container semi trailer ,Like this one is for Long goods transport ,Like wind blade ,Rail and so on ,The Length Before extension and after entension also can be Customized for Clients ,Usually ,We Exported a lot of 15 Meters to 25 Meters .

Like this one is 3 Axles Extendable Flatbed semi trailer finished ,When the trailer finished ,We can not arrangement Shipping for Customers , Because we need to do test for trailer to ensure the trailer’s capacity , this is importace for trailer and Customers ,It can test the tire and main beam quality , the workman can put 5-6 pcs Stones on trailer ,different weight can put it on trailer still upto the tonnage .

Why do test for trailers? Many Customers thought do test is so terrible , and waste time , no! Do test is our duty for trailer and clients ,The trailer can ensure the capacity by test when it during transport ,and also can ensure the quality for Customers .

When it finished test ,we can arrangement Shipping for Customers , and We can according to your order Amount to choose the best Shipping way for you to save the Shipping cost .

If you are interested in our Extendable Flatbed semi trailer ,Welcome to ask more information to us !

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