Importance for Strong trailer

Importance for Strong trailer

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Fudeng trailer as manufacturer for semi trailer ,We can do high quality trailer for Customers , and Our factory can provide with Customized service for clients ,We can according to your request to design.

The First ,trailer’s strong can improve your work effeciency and help you save the Fix Cost ,so this is importance point ,About the Axles , We can choose African dedicated Axles brand for Clients if Clients have not any requirement for Specifications ,And if Customers have request for Axles , We can provide many kinds of Brand can be choosen by himself ;

Second , The road condition in African ,it is so bad , So the trailers broken is easy in locally , and the maintain Cost is high for the first time to do transport business man ,So Adapt the rough road condition in African ,We provide Mechanical Suspension for clients ,and we can provide maintain service ,When Customers order the trailer ,We also can apply some Spare parts for you for free ;

The importance point , trailer’s core is the main beam , Our factory use high quality carbon steel to design ,and the workman have high welding technology ,made the trailer Strong ,When you Start transport business can help you earn more money .if the main beam is not Strong , other parts it is not enough to Support the trailer .So The First Choice is important ;

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