LowBed Semi Trailer For Sale

LowBed Semi Trailer For Sale

What devices are the lowbed semi trailer composed of?

1.Power take-off device

The power take-off device consists of an oil pump, a power take-off device, and a flexible shaft cable. It is used to output power to the oil pump to become hydraulic energy.

Through the action of the handle installed in the cab, the power take-off gear is engaged or separated from the power take-off output tooth in the gearbox through the flexible shaft cable, so as to make the oil pump work or stop.

Note: When driving, the power take-off teeth in the power take-off should be disengaged, and the oil pump will not work.

2.Hydraulic transmission mechanism

After the power take-off is engaged, the oil pump works, and the high-pressure oil enters the multi-way reversing valve. Various actions can be performed by manipulating different handles on the reversing valve.

3.Traction system

The high pressure oil drives the hydraulic motor to drive the winch. When the hydraulic motor is working, its control valve handle is in the “release” position, the wire rope can be automatically released, and the control valve handle is pulled to the “retracted” position, at this time the vehicle is towed or the wire rope is retracted.

Note: During normal driving, the wire rope hook should be tightened and hung on the ring hole at the end of the flat plate.

4.Lifting device

This type of car uses a tire carrier, which is divided into a front carrier and a rear carrier. The front bracket is sleeved on both ends of the swing arm and fixed with spring pins. The rear bracket is inserted into the square hole of the front bracket and fixed with a pin. At the same time, the tire is locked with a tightening zipper.

China 3 Axle 40-80 Ton Low Bed Trailer2

How to maintain the lowbed semi trailer?


1.The connection between the supercharger and the intake and exhaust pipes of the flatbed truck must be tight and can not leak air.

If there is air leakage between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust gas turbine, the efficiency of the supercharger will be greatly reduced, and the exhaust temperature of the diesel engine will rise sharply. And damage the valve and supercharger.

2.Before starting the new engine, the supercharger and supercharger oil filter must be filled with clean oil to ensure that the diesel engine starts together and the supercharger bearing can be lubricated.

After the car travels 8,000 to 10,000 km, the oil filter element of the supercharger must be replaced.

3.Before the diesel engine stops, the flatbed truck should run for 3 to 5 minutes at idle speed to reduce the speed of the supercharger and the temperature, and monitor the running sound of the supercharger.

If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped for inspection. If the rotor of the turbocharger is inflexible, there is sticking or wear noise, it must be sent to a qualified repair station for repair.

China 3 Axle 40-80 Ton Low Bed Trailer3
China 3 Axle 40-80 Ton Low Bed Trailer1


1.For the flatbed truck, after every 500h or 30,000km of operation, check the clearance on the supercharger rotor shaft, and remove the dust and carbon deposits on the compressor turbine casing and rotor blades.

At this point, the turbocharger should be removed from the diesel engine and the metal gasket between the exhaust pipes of the supercharger should be replaced.

It is not allowed to use mechanical methods to remove the scale on the rotor parts, but use gasoline or other cleaning solutions for cleaning aluminum parts.

2.The lock nut of the supercharger compressor of the low flatbed truck cannot be disassembled, otherwise the dynamic balance of the supercharger rotor will be destroyed and the supercharger will be damaged.

3.Do not damage or deform any rotating parts of the turbocharger that has been removed, otherwise it will affect the balance of the turbine of the flatbed transporter. Likewise, any rubber seals must not be damaged.

After doing the above points, you can go on the road safely. Finally, I wish drivers and friends a safe journey!

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