The advantages of aluminum fuel tanker

The advantages of aluminum fuel tanker

Aluminum fuel tanker

Aluminum is used to make fuel tanks because it is lighter and cheaper than steel and other metals.The use of aluminum fuel tanker has been expanding because of the many advantages of this type of tank.

Aluminum fuel Tanker Body
Volume(m3) 50000 liters
Dimension 115000mm*2490mm*3990mm or customized
Shape Round or customized
Tanker Body thickness 6mm Aluminum alloy
End Plate thickness 7mm/Aluminum alloy
Wave plate 5mm/Aluminum alloy
Tare weight About 6800kg
 Compartment 6pcs
Manhole 6pcs Aluminum alloy manhole cover, 500mm
Bottom Valve 6pcs
Discharging Valve 6pcs 3 or 4 inch API valve
Discharging Pipe 3’’ or 4” rubber hose, 2 pcs, 6m/each
Other Ladder/ Walking Platform/ Folding armrest
Main Beams Carbon steel
Axle 3 axles,FUWA brand
Landing Gear Standard 25 Tons FUWA brand
King Pin 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin JOST brand
Suspension FUWA brand
Leaf spring 90mm*16mm*10pcs
Pneumatic Braking System  Stored chamber T30/30 spring brake chamber; 4 pcs, T30 2pcs
Tire 385/65R22.5*6 pcs Triangle brand
Accessories One standard tool box/one valve box/two Fire Extinguisher/ two Spare tire rack
Mudguard material Aluminum alloy
Electrical system 24Volt electrical system, 7 pin electrical connector. Parking stop, reverse, number plate and indicator lights. Rear lights, rear, front and side reflectors.
Packing and shipping
Painting Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anti-corrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint
Shipping Terms By Bulk cargo

45 Cubic Meters Aluminum Tanker Trailer2
45000 Liters Aluminum Fuel Tanker With Air Suspension2

Uses of aluminum fuel tanker

Cars, trucks, ships, motorcycles and other vehicles use aluminum fuel tanker.There are many well-known companies that produce high quality aluminum gasoline tanks.Some companies make corrosion-resistant gasoline cans that are stronger and used in large trucks.

Tanks are available with single and combined tank solutions, as well as tanks with three chambers.These tanks are used in military vehicles and are customized to meet customer needs.Aluminum fuel tanker is ideal for military vehicles because they are reliable, durable and cost-effective.

Customized 3 axles aluminum tanker trailer for sale (3)

The benefits of aluminium fuel tanker

● Lighter weight

Aluminum alloy is a kind of low density, high strength metal.The side and rear protection of the whole tank body, as well as the structure of the oil pipeline, are made of aluminum alloy.Compared to a standard carbon steel tank, only the tank weighs less than 5 tons.

Install 20% of the time.Kill three birds with one stone, even under strict traffic regulations, and still meet the standards while loading more fuel, improving work efficiency and making more money!

● Cheaper operating expenses

Because aluminum fuel tanker is lighter than carbon steel tankers, they use less gasoline during transportation.The aluminum alloy tanks bend at speeds of 40 km/h, 60 km/h and 80 km/h when driving without load.

Compared with carbon steel tankers, fuel consumption is reduced by 12.1%, 10% and 7.9% respectively, reducing daily operating costs.In addition, their lightweight aluminum semi slows tire wear and reduces vehicle maintenance costs!

● Corrosion-resistant

Aluminum alloy semi trailer manufactured, not only the appearance of tall, but also the internal tank will not rust, oxidation, prevent oil pollution and loss, reduce maintenance frequency.

● Long durability

Aluminum alloy can carry effective and strong corrosion products more effectively because of its superior corrosion resistance.Customers benefit directly because the service life is significantly longer than carbon steel cans.

According to the experience of Europe and North America, the life cycle of aluminum alloy fuel tank is 15-20 years and can be extended indefinitely, even after the vehicle is scrapped.The tank can still be sold and used without compromising its safety or long-term viability.Carbon steel cans, on the other hand, have a life of only 7-9 years before they become scrap iron.

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