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Mining Truck For Sale

Mining Truck For Sale Description

Mining truck for sale, belongs to off-road vehicle, mainly used in mines, engineering aspects, more durable than the general truck, the load is more. In terms of structure, mine cars and ordinary dump trucks do not seem to be much different, as if they are just “bigger”. In fact, mine car from the design concept and ordinary dump truck has essential difference. Ordinary dump truck is to meet the road transport use, mining truck is to meet the mine construction operation, so the whole car and the parts used in mining car have considered the mine operating environment, is designed and manufactured for this kind of users.

mining truck is a heavy dump truck used in the open pit mine to complete the task of rock and earth stripping and ore transportation. Its work is characterized by short haul and heavy load. It is commonly used for loading with large electric shovel or hydraulic shovel to and from the mining point and the unloading point. The term “off-road” does not mean off-road driving, but it is not allowed to be driven on roads because of its wide shape and excessive total mass. Rigid frame dump truck is widely used in China. Its characteristics and structural characteristics are described as follows:

mining truck

1、It is a super profile vehicle with a very tall shape

Mining truck only in the limited range of mining areas, the size of the car is not limited, in order to improve the amount of transportation per car, as far as possible to increase the volume of the car, widen and increase the size of the vehicle

2、 Large load quality, strong power
The current load of this type of mining truck is between 20 and 360 tons, and it is developing towards larger size. Due to the large load tonnage, the road and slope, the engine must have high power and high torque, to ensure that the full load of uphill is also easy and powerful, so this type of models are equipped with a high “specific torque” and high “torque increase coefficient” engineering engine. However, due to poor off-highway conditions, the common speed of this type of vehicle is about 30-40km/h.

The frame is a special construction machinery mining truck structure, all welded structure, the longitudinal beam adopts a closed box section to ensure high torsional strength, the thick steel plate is low alloy, high strength steel plate.


The carriage is also fully welded structure, the bucket type floor rear up, the general slope Angle is 12 degrees, no rear baffle; The bottom plate is welded with high strength, high hardness and impact resistance steel plate to adapt to the transportation of off-highway harsh industrial and mining and the rough stone loading on the construction site, and ensure that its service life generally reaches more than 10 yearsmining truck

mining truck

5、 steering 
Because the mining truck mass is large, the front axle load is also large, therefore, the steering of the front wheel completely depends on hydraulic power. To ensure safe and reliable steering, these cars not only use full hydraulic steering, but also equipped with emergency steering system, when the steering system power failure, the emergency steering system to ensure that it has a certain amount of steering ability, so that the car to a safer place.

There are many slopes in the mining area, and the weight of the mining truck is particularly large. Therefore, the reliability of the braking system function also needs to be guaranteed first. In addition to the main brake function of dump truck, but also equipped with auxiliary slow braking ability: engine exhaust brake, hydraulic retarder or electric wheel into generator retarder function braking function design advanced, brake start, engine exhaust brake first put into work; Then the hydraulic retarder or electric retarder join the slow braking function; Finally, the main wheel brake is put into work so that the main brake frequency is greatly reduced, often in the best state, the service life of the brake shoe can be extended.

7、 transmission
For vehicles with a weight of less than 100 tons, hydraulic mechanical transmission and traditional rear axle are generally used; Over 100 tons of mass models, generally use electric transmission: the engine drives the generator, and then the electric current drives the motor in the rear wheel, so that the rear wheel drive mining truck

8、 Using engineering tires
The tread pattern and structure of this kind of mining truck tire are different from that of road vehicles, belonging to engineering tires, so as to well adapt to the use of complex road requirements.

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