Semi-trailer has developed into a strong professional means of transport, as a professional transport vehicle, semitrailer gradually become the “main force” of the domestic transport market. Semi-trailer can transport large volume, and not easy to split the large construction machinery, trade goods, containers, but also can transport vegetables, fruits and meat and other packaged fresh goods, with good compatibility and speed.

The development of logistics industry cannot be separated from the support of logistics equipment. Semi-trailers and special van trucks play an important role in the field of road transportation. The rapid development of logistics industry is bound to drive the overall demand for logistics equipment to rise simultaneously. Since 2015, China’s logistics industry has maintained rapid development, and the total logistics volume has been on the rise, with a compound growth rate of 7.97%.

From the perspective of transportation mode, road transportation is the most important mode of logistics transportation in China, which produces rigid demand for freight vehicles. China’s annual road cargo transport volume is far more than that of other modes of transport, and presents the overall growth trend.

China’s logistics industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the transport cost is relatively high. The total cost of social logistics in China accounts for about 14.8% of GDP, while the figure in the United States is about 8%, which reflects that there is space for improvement in China’s transportation efficiency. Among them, the efficiency of road transportation is relatively low, and no intensive and efficient operation system has been formed at present. Semi-trailer as the main force of domestic cargo transport, its development directly affects the efficiency of road transport. In China’s transportation market, there is still a lot of sapce for growth in the towing ratio of slick-trailer transportation, and there is a lot of space for growth in the production and sales of semi-trailers in the future.

With the improvement of the level of economic development and the continuous expansion of the scale of the logistics industry, the internal division of labor in the road transportation industry has been deepened and the specialization has been accelerated. The road transport industry has promoted the importance of professional transport vehicles, and dedicated vehicles have gradually become a consensus. Semi-trailer professional development is more conducive to the benign development of the logistics industry.

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