For over the years of reform and opening-up, China’s national economy has been rapid development, but also a lot of cost, especially to the environment pollution and destruction of nature, with the domestic and international the public is becoming more and more attention to environmental protection, the relevant state environmental protection policy and the implementation of the measures for energy conservation and emissions reduction, users and market will be more and more demand for tank truck, Especially in the new energy consumption and cost control.In this kind of environment protection situation and competition increasingly fierce market conditions, how to develop and apply the new special tank vehicle to open up new market, has become a problem to all the tank truck production enterprises. The following author on the current situation of the development of China’s special tank type vehicle for a simple analysis, combined with the national macroeconomic policies, the future of new material tank type special vehicle advantages and characteristics and development prospects.

As an important logistics equipment, tank truck is widely used in automobile transportation industry. With the increase of investment in transportation construction in China, the development of logistics industry is getting faster and faster. The development of special vehicles in China provides great opportunities. The professional characteristics of tank special vehicle, especially the function of special operation, has been accepted by various industries and fields, and plays an important role in the development of national economy and society.

At first, the tank truck showed a trend of rapid development. Since 2011, the proportion of its sales in the overall proportion of special vehicles has declined, which is inseparable from the national economic environment.

While seeing the achievements of domestic tank vehicles, we should also note that there are still some problems to be solved in the development of tank vehicles in China. Specifically, there are the following aspects:

1. Lack of independent development ability for high-end products

2. Laggard technology level, unbalanced product structure and uneven development

3. Key components cannot be produced independently

4. Restricted by the development level of relevant industries

5. Small industry scale and low market concentration

Generally speaking, special tank truck enterprises have performed well in the market in recent years, but small scale and weak technical force are still common problems in special purpose vehicle enterprises. There are dozens of enterprises producing the same kind of product, and one enterprise produces many kinds of products. In contrast with developed countries, there are at most three or five enterprises producing the same kind of product, and one enterprise only produces several kinds of products at most. Market concentration is not high, the production of special vehicle enterprises is not “special”.

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