Shacman X3000 Truck Tractor

Shacman X3000 Truck Tractor

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Shacman X3000 Superpower the ultimate experience of long-distance logistics -1000L long life
2016-04-08 Market SHACMAN
Recently, at the 2016 annual meeting of the International Business Shaanxi Auto, SHACMAN X3000 Superpower debut, listed at the beginning it was strongly concerned about global heavy truck customers. So we ask, X3000 Superpower in the end what it excels?
Today, we have with this X3000 Superpower composite Version 6 × 4 Shuang tank models, for example, for your detailed analysis of one of the “Super” secret.

Dual tank X3000 Superpower composite version of 6X4 vehicles, equipped with Weichai 480-hp engine, matched Fast 16 speed gearbox, rear axle ratio 2.85, fully meet the high-speed logistics and transportation needs.
● high-top twin four-point cab suspension air bag

X3000 composite version with family front face, high-top twin cab, standard top shroud. The overall use of color design, the front face angular appearance overbearing.
Mesh grille with a polygonal design, decoration silver chrome strip them. The left and right sides of the flow channel design that allows high-speed air blown from the sides of the vehicle, while preventing mud stains and the door handle above.
Mirrors for color design, with the vehicle front design style against the background. Electric rear-view mirror as a whole structure, and with electric heating, rain and snow can be when the mirror above the water droplets or snow dried, to ensure a clear field of vision.
Headlights with integrated, irregular symmetrical shape design, the top half of the high and low beam lights, and with a lens, the lower half of an integrated auxiliary lighting, turn signals and fog lamps, while the car is equipped with daytime running lights, improving vehicle traffic safety, more humane.
X3000 uses three pedal ladder ladder aluminum alloy material, the design of the tooth groove, slip. And kicking with lights for night-off convenience. After driving door to block the two steps can be used as a simple shoe, keeping a clean environment inside the car.
Four-point cab suspension airbag structure, airbag structure can effectively reduce the traveling bumps from the road surface to improve driver driving comfort and reduce driver fatigue. After the suspension of the air bag installed asbestos baffles to avoid damage due to high temperature exhaust caused by the airbag, the airbag to extend the use of time.

● deployment of rich practical driving comfort and safety

X3000 design using two colors, dark beige interior with a bridge, a little more color, warm but not oppressive. Seat with dark plush material, soft, very comfortable to sit above, it is extremely high. Primary air balloon driving seat configuration, with reduced vibration from the road surface, reducing driver fatigue and improve comfort while multi-faceted seat can be adjusted.
Standard Edition X3000 composite electric windows, central locking, electric mirrors with heating and other functions, improve the degree of automation of the vehicle, driver convenient to use.
Dashboard instruments adopted two two small symmetrical design, the middle of the LCD screen, real-time vehicle information at a glance, easy driver control of the vehicle information in a timely manner to the vehicle driver to make adjustments.
Using four multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth phone, volume control switch, cruise control and other key touch easy operation, the steering wheel to the left headlight adjustment button, adjust fast.
Designed with multiple state fuel switch button, the user can appropriate gear selection according to their actual load position on the console, so as to achieve the best fuel economy.
X3000 standard electronically controlled automatic climate control, the user can set the temperature according to the temperature detection car, outside the car, automatically adjust the blower speed, air intake mode, the mode of operation of the compressor and let the inside temperature and humidity be within the set range, convenient and comfortable.
Let us take a look at the driver’s seating area, X3000 sleeper bunk beds are designed to widen over the same level models, it has a competitive advantage, bunk widest reach 900mm, provides the driver with a more relaxed environment to rest, up and down Shop all with anti-roll network.
All with bunk reading light for the driver at night to provide a convenient, both sides of the sleeper have a window, and you can easily open a small window, to facilitate the flow of air inside the vehicle, which is more humane.
Traditional flip visor substituted mechanical roller blind, multi-adjustable position, pull down the visor string can be recovered. Details of the improvement of humanity, to provide users with a more comfortable driving environment.

● dual tank configuration endurance boost

Dynamic aspects, X3000 carrying WP13.480E401 Weichai engine, maximum output power of 480 horsepower, powerful. After years of user experience, rugged durability Weichai engine is legendary.
And the engine matches the Fast 16JSD200T transmission, also with its rugged and durable quality dominate the market today.
In terms of security, X3000 has a vehicle stability control system (ESC), allows us to secure avoid obstacles, can freely travel on ice and snow. X3000 brake comes standard with ABS, brake to ensure the directional stability of the car, to prevent skidding and wandering, run the vehicle safer.
X3000 composite version of the aluminum tank material selection of materials, reduce weight, while the corrosion resistance and better, double the volume of the tank is 1000L, double tank set up, its endurance is stronger, but also long-distance transport customer preference.
Rear axle X3000 composite version of the German MAN single-stage technology 13 tons axle, 2.85 ratio, using less leaf spring structure, the number of spring for the first three after the 500, equipped with Weichai engine and gearbox Fast, gold power combination, fully meet the standard load high-speed logistics and transportation needs.
● Editor:
X3000 composite version of the model, equipped with the dynamic, high-horsepower engines and Weichai Fast transmission, long-distance transport to meet the power needs of users; in configuration with multi-state fuel switching, electronically controlled climate control air conditioning, 900mm widening sleeper; in terms of security, ABS and ESC systems improve driving safety, the driver escort.

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