What’s the advantages of aluminium fuel tanker trailers?

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Advantage 1: Lighter weight, larger loading capacity

Aluminum alloy has low density and high strength. The side protection and rear protection of the entire tank body and the oil outlet pipeline structure are all made of aluminum alloy. Only the weight of the tank body is more than 5 tons lighter than the weight of ordinary carbon steel tanks. Install 20%. In this way, even under strict traffic regulations, it can load more oil while meeting the requirements, improve work efficiency and make more money, with three birds with one stone!

Advantage 2: Low operating expenses

As the aluminum alloy tanker is lighter than the carbon steel tanker, it reduces the fuel consumption during transportation. When the no-load driving speed is 40 km/h, 60 km/h, and 80 front/h, the aluminum alloy tank body Fuel consumption is reduced by 12.1%, 10% and 7.9% respectively compared with carbon steel tankers, thus reducing daily operating expenses, and aluminum alloy semi-trailer tankers can slow down tire wear due to their light weight, thereby reducing vehicle maintenance costs!

Advantage 3: Beautiful and corrosion resistant

After the aluminum alloy semi-trailer is made, it not only has a tall feeling, but also the inside of the tank body will not rust and oxidize, which can avoid oil pollution and loss, and reduce its maintenance frequency.

Advantage 4: Long service life of aluminum alloy tanker, high residual value and low maintenance cost

With its good corrosion resistance advantages, aluminum alloys are more effective in transporting effective and strong corrosion products. The direct benefit of this to customers is that the service life is much longer than that of carbon steel tanks. According to the experience of Europe and North America, the life cycle of an aluminum alloy tank is 15-20 years, or even infinitely extended, even after the entire vehicle is abandoned. The tank can still be sold and used without affecting its safety and durability value. However, the life of carbon steel tanks is only 7-9 years, and it is scrap iron. That is to say, aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, its tank body can keep bright and beautiful, does not need any surface treatment, and it is very easy to clean, so the maintenance cost will be reduced.

Advantage 5: Aluminum alloy semi-trailer adopts tractor as the full vehicle drive

1 Flexible: The whole vehicle has good maneuverability when towing a trailer.
2 Reliable work: to ensure that the towing car and the trailer are reliable, convenient, and can be quickly unhooked.
3Stable: The traction force can be smoothly transmitted to the trailer, which has a certain buffer effect on the impact load.

Advantage 6: Aluminum alloy semi-trailer has good conductivity and safe driving

The use of aluminum alloy tanks can facilitate timely conduction of static electricity generated during oil loading and unloading and transportation, and reduce the probability of accidents. From the perspective of driving safety, the inertia of aluminum alloy tankers during collision is small, and the braking distance is reduced. Plastic materials have less impact on the human body, so they are safer.

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