The Ultimate Guide To Low Bed Trailer


What do you expect from a low bed trailer? The trailer is a means of transportation to ease the heavy transportation of goods. Usually, the experts call this vehicle a heavy-duty vehicle because of its ability to carry large amounts of weight. Hence, this blog is a complete guide for you regarding this particular trailer.

What is a low bed trailer?

low bed trailer

The transportation of goods and other equipment has become feasible. The reason behind this is the introduction of a low bed trailer or its types. The trailers come with a flat and long bed that allows the carrying of goods. No matter how far the transportation destination is, you can transport them conveniently. Similarly, people often fear that their goods might get damaged during unloading. However, with a low bed semi trailer, all your fears regarding the unloading vanish.
A lowbed trailer has a flat and low body that helps you easily unload goods. Hence, there comes the least chance for the products getting any damage. With the lowbed trailers, there come the least chance that the trailer could trip over due to heavy load. Hence, it offers safe transportation with convenience. Now, let’s explore the features of a low bed trailer that can help you select the right vehicle.

The specific features for selecting the best low bed trailer for you!


Choosing the specific type and features in the lowbed trailers is something no more than a challenge. Therefore, one must be very particular about reviewing the features and specifications. Any slight negligence towards its features can pay you a large amount. So, be very particular when choosing at the moment. To start, you shall jump to the specifications the perfect lowbed trailer requires.

  • The price

Whenever you are about to make any decisions regarding purchasing these trailers, do consider your budget. Everyone has a specific range of affordability that allows them to spend the money on low bed trailers for sale. Always look for the trailers that companies either put at a discounted price. Along with that, do inspect the quality that they offer at such a price. If the prices and quality have not match, you eventually get a poor trailer.
Procuring the trailers through is a wise decision so far. They’re the specialized suppliers in China who are very professional in providing and supplying these. The lowboy trailer cost would reflect the quality of the trailer you purchased from here.

  • Weight it could bear

Weight is the feature that you shall consider while selecting the right trailer. If the selected trailer cannot bear the cargo’s weight, it will trip over. Hence, the low bed trailer, as well as the load it carries, can undergo accidents. Before taking any decisions, consider how much weight you would load over the trailer. If the weight is more than 60 tons, you shall look for a greater weight for the trailer. Hence, choose the trailers in correspondence to the weight they can bear. Remember, it is a one-time investment, so you should look for a trailer supporting large weights.

  • Capacity of cargo

Next comes the capacity of cargo. Well, capacity reflects the number of axles installed in the trailer. A standard lowboy trailer capacity is 40,000 or more in pounds. However, follow this trip over if the capacity you require is greater. You can increase the number of axels for the trailer. The more axles it comes along, the more capacity it would have.

  • Size of load

Load size is something that should match the trailer size. If the height, width, or length is more than the size of the trailer, then the load can fall off. Sometimes, some countries apply certain restrictions on the height of trailers. Thus, you must be very particular when selecting the height of trailers.

  • Ramp

The ramp is the ultimate feature required for the loading or unloading process. Some of the trailers have a long ramp that allows convenience for moving bulky goods. Similarly, some have mechanical ramps, and others have hydraulic ones. The hydraulic ramps are better than the other type.

  • The process of loading the trailers

Loading is an essential part of using the trailers. Therefore, every type and model of trailer designed by the lowboy trailer manufacturers has a different loading process. You can access a smooth loading and unloading process if you choose the right model or type. With the right loading process, you can easily place bulky goods on the trailer’s body without risk. Usually, the loading experts load the trailer from either the front or rear side, depending on the vehicle.

What are the advantages of choosing this loading vehicle?

After reading the attractive features of the trailer, you should know its advantages too. Nowadays, these vehicles are quite hyped because of their advantages. Transporting, carrying, and delivering the goods on time are major concerns the logistics department faces. Therefore, visit what it offers when looking for the low bed trailer.

  • Versatile applications

The trailers have added convenience to the logistics department. A variety of industries regularly make use of these trailers.

  • Stability

Most people fear tripping trailers when they carry heavy loads. However, if you consider a low bed trailer, you will be satisfied. The trailer has a low bed, so its center of gravity is near the ground. Hence, it offers you complete stability for the goods. Also, no matter the cargo’s height or width, it will stay firm in its position.

  • Following the rules of height

As you know, certain countries restrict the transport of goods with a specific height. However, with lowbed trailer, you get the advantage of following the rules and regulations set by the countries. You can alter the height of the trailer according to the requirements.

  • Safe transport

The specific purpose of using the trailers is good heavy transportation. Therefore, the low bed trailer manufacturers design the trailers according to the load capacities and weight. These can withstand heavy pressure exhibited by the wind. Also, these have high beams installed on them. The high beams ensure a great level of safety for the goods.

The types of lowboy trailers

low bed trailers

Below are some popular types of lowboy trailers.

  • Lowbed semi trailer

This particular vehicle type provides a wide area for the load to carry. You can use this to transport heavy and large goods.

  • Concave beam

Overall the structure of the vehicle is the same. However, you will find the center of the bed to be lower than the rest of the body. Hence, it allows heavy transportation.

  • Detachable gooseneck

Well, the trailer comes with a flatbed that is designed lower. Thus, you can easily load and unload goods without any hassle.

The five best low bed trailer manufacturers

You should know which manufacturers produce the best trailers. Below is the list of top manufacturers. So, let’s go through these.

1. Qingdao Eleph Industry&Trade Co., Ltd

The company is situated in Shandong province in China. They implement high-quality technology in the trailers. Similarly, they have great expertise in manufacturing low-bed trailers. They have no comparison in technology. Also, they design the trailers by considering their client’s demands and requirements. You will find a variety of trailers, trucks, and even their spare parts.

2. Shandong Maxway Vehicle Co., Ltd

With an experience of 10 years, they have been working in the field of manufacturing trailers. Their exclusive designs, assembling process, and innovative technology made them the best. You will be impressed with the variety of vehicles they produce. They always bring variations and modifications to the traditional trailers they used to manufacture. Hence, the supreme quality of trailers would always convince customers to purchase them.

3. Hunan Chengxin special vehicle Co., Ltd

The company provides certified trailers, including the low bed ones. They are very particular in choosing high-quality raw materials and assembling products for the trailers. You will find them unique in different manners. Similarly, they always keep quality inspection high when designing vehicles. You can use their products for different purposes.

4. Shandong Hohai Auto Co., Ltd

The company locates in Shandong Province, china. It is one of the versatile lowboy trailer manufacturers in China. You will find their trailers up to the mark for quality and standard. From the body of the trailers to the bolts and nuts in them, you will find no comparison for it. Similarly, they consider the use of technology with affordability. Hence, the vehicles you procure from them are up to your budget. If you want to ask any query, you can contact their services which are available 24/7.

5. CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd

They are the pioneers of low bed semi trailer manufacturers and suppliers. Their innovative technology sets them different from other manufacturing companies. Then the vehicles they design are always great in quality. You will find no complaints about them after using these for years. Moreover, you do have to worry about their trailer spare parts. They can provide you with good after-sales services.


A low bed trailer is a common and popular means of transporting goods. You can find these vehicles with a great number of features that you require. So, look up to the manufacturers who provide the specs you require in the trailers.

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