Top 10 Fuel Tanker Trailer Manufacturers


Fuel is a basic raw material for every industry. Therefore, the transportation of furl majorly depends on the fuel tanker trailers. You might have seen the large tankers carry fuel like diesel, gasoline, and different types of oils. However, what makes a difference is finding out the best fuel tanker trailer manufacturers. You will come across hundreds of manufacturers producing their fuel tankers, but selecting one can be challenging. A tanker trailer is mainly judged through its safety for long-distance transportation.

What are the top 10 fuel tanker trailer manufacturers?


The fuel tanker trailer aims to transport the hazardous fuel to its destination safely. What matters in the transportation of material is how safely it reaches it. As you know, most of the time, it carries explosive material. A slight negligence or an accident could lead to danger. Therefore, when manufacturers design these trailers, they list the features of their designs, which helps them create the best trailers.
So first, let’s explore the list of fuel tank trailer manufacturers. This list provides you with the best or the ones you could choose from.

1. Shandong Fudengo Auto Co., LTD

The Shandong Fudengo manufacturer is one the best manufacturers of fuel tanker trailers in China. There might be many manufacturers; however, their quality makes this brand special. You will find them the best, from the hardware to the internal software ad structure. Similarly, the team behind them follows the trends, market variations, and customers’ likenesses and interests. Therefore, you will find trailers with excellent features and specs according to your demand.
How they work would amaze you. They implement the latest technology for designing fuel tankers. They pay high attention to the safety and precautions added to the tankers. Then, they pass the trailers after performing several checks and tests for the trailer’s safety. Hence, you won’t find any complaints regarding its safety or handling.

2. Shandong Lujun Naxin International Trade Co., Ltd

A company belongs to the fuel tanker trailer manufacturers. They always claim they have set high standards to ensure the complete safety of the driver and the vehicle. Similarly, they focus on the technology they adopt for these trailers. They ensure whatever is new in the technology they use in their tanker trailers. Hence, that is the reason why they are a leading manufacturer.

3. Jinan Komliga industrial Co., LTD

Since 2006, they have produced the best trailers, trucks, and other heavy machinery. Therefore, this company comes under the list of fuel tank trailer manufacturers. They are popular because of the latest features they add to the fuel trailers. That is one of the reasons why they are the best exporters of these trailers worldwide. Also, you could get these trailers personalized according to the requirement. They even have the expertise to produce the stainless steel tanker trailer.

4. Chengchuan (Shandong) Heavy Truck Service Co., LTD

Choose this manufacturer if you want a highly durable fuel transport trailer. Along with durability, they offer clients to add any customized feature they want in the trailers. You can find this company in Liangshan, Shandong, China.
Moreover, they are good at providing customers with an immediate inspection of the fuel trailers. So, within a single go, they can approach the trailer, check its working, get the services, etc. Also, they cover a large part of the world as the best fuel tanker trailer manufacturers and exporters. With the design, they are bringing innovations to the trailers’ structure, parts, and outlook.

5. CLW Special Automobile CO., LTD

The CLW refers to the Chengli special automobile company. They are located in Zhengzhou district and Hubei province. Their specialty is to produce large and heavy vehicles on a large scale. So, if you are looking for bulk fuel trailers, contact us. If you compare it with other stainless steel tanker trailer manufacturers, they are large-scale manufacturers with greater employees. Also, you would find a great variety of products.

6. Shandong Maxway Vehicle Co., Ltd

A company that always considers safety its priority comes under the list of fuel tanker trailer manufacturers. They claim they have set high standards to ensure the complete safety of the driver and the vehicle as well. Similarly, they focus on the technology they adopt for these trailers. They ensure whatever is new in the technology they use in their tanker trailers. Hence, that is the reason why they are a leading manufacturer.

7. Anfida (Tianjin) International Co., LTD

Their motto is to deliver top-notch technology-based fuel tanker trailers. Well, this group of companies came into existence in 1988 in China. They are manufacturing and exporting these products to almost every continent worldwide. Their technical staff has a grip over the technology installed in those tanker trailers, which makes them unique. Similarly, every step involved in manufacturing these fuel tanker trailers integrates. Hence, it ensures a complete check of the quality. So, get your favorite aluminum tanker trailer.

8. Qingdao Hetanch Truck Co., Ltd

Among the top fuel tanker trailer manufacturers came to the world in 1969 in Yantai, Shandong. They are a certified company with a special check on the quality of trailers. With the latest technology, innovations, and style, they aim to produce the best trailers. You can find out more about their trailers by visiting the company profile.

9. Henan focus vehicles Co., Ltd

The company belongs to the Zhengzhou province in China. Along with manufacturing these tankers, it is one of the best suppliers and exporters of trailer tankers. Hence, the company is not like the large-scale fuel tanker trailer manufacturers but a small scaled. However, you will find various fuel tankers with the best features.

10. Jinan heavy truck import & Export Co., Ltd

If you want professionalism, then go through this specific manufacturer. They are not only providing you with heavy trucks and trailers but also their spare parts. Hence, they are a versatile manufacturer of different types of trailers. Similarly, they have a unique feature they add to the aluminum tanker trailer, which makes these different from others.


Undoubtedly, the search for fuel tanker trailer manufacturers could be hectic. To end this struggle and reach the best ones, visit this page and end your search here. List down the features you want in the fuel tanker trailer. Then, begin your search. Eventually, you will reach the product that meets your requirement.

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