Top 10 Semi Trailer Manufacturers


The semi-trailer industry is on the rise. We live in a time of connectivity. Also, we can have anything at our doorstep with one click. How is that possible? It is all possible because of the semi-trailer industry. Trailers are running all across the globe. Also, it allows better delivery of goods. This has made our lives easier. Yes, the trailer services are a boon for us. Semi trailer manufacturers are making this possible for us. We will be talking about them in this blog. There are many ideas we will be covering here. We will speak of semi trailer companies. We will discuss the top 10 semi-trailer manufacturers. Also, we will discuss points you should notice before choosing. Let us begin with our semi trailer companies.

What is a Semi-Trailer?

low bed trailer

Let us start from the basics first. A trailer where the front axle is not present is a semi-trailer. You can consider it a combination of a truck and a tractor. There are many uses for such a vehicle. But, the primary benefit you will see is in the transport industry. These trailers are the backbone of the transport industry. We hear that the logistics and supply stop if there is a problem in this zone of transport. Hence, they play a significant role in keeping things smooth.
We are going to discuss some significant semi-trailer manufacturers here in this blog. As the name tells, we will discuss the top 10 semi-trailer manufacturers. It is going to be helpful for you. You can get an idea for choosing your following semi-trailer manufacturer. So, let us begin.

Top 10 Semi Trailer Manufacturers List

This section will discuss the best semi-trailer manufacturers in the industry. You have the liberty to choose the best that suits you. Make a decision as per your need and the options available to you. So, let us start.

semi trailer manufacturer

Shandong Fudeng Auto Co., Ltd. is among the top Chinese semi trailer manufacturers. You will get trucks and trailers of all kinds here. The professional design and research team here do deep research and study. It is always about top quality here. There are many reasons which prove them to be on top. It is always about maintaining the best product. The prices you will get on the platform are affordable. Also, these truck trailer manufacturers believe in creativity and innovation. You will get products one grade higher than before.

2. Doepker

semi trailer manufacturer

Doepker Industries is one of the top semi trailer manufacturers USA. There are a lot of permanent clients that are there with this company. The prime reason is their customer-driven strategy. You have the choice to change the trailer as per your need. This quality is what makes them the leading choice in the industry. The market value of their trailers is better than others. There are many patent-pending designs with them. It represents innovation and creativity.

3. Heil Trailer

semi trailer manufacturer

Heil Trailer is famous for the lot of diversity present on its platform. It is among semi trailer brands with a name. The wide variety of options available on their platform will help you. You can have the freedom of deciding what you want to select from this list. The top-quality stainless steel body of their trailers gives them a newer look. The company came into being in 1901. Dover Cooperation owns the company. Thus, you should visit the platform if you want lightweight trailers.

4. Ultraton

semi trailer manufacturer

You will find many options for getting the trailer of your choice. Ultraton is always on the list of top Chinese semi trailer manufacturers, even worldwide. Customer satisfaction is always there on top. Here you can also get parts for your semi-trailer on this platform. You will see a lot of praise when you read customer reviews.

5. MAC Trailer

semi trailer manufacturer

Steel and aluminum are the two kinds of trailers available with Mac Trailer. Present in Ohio, the company is among the top choice of people in semi trailer manufacturers. Mac Trailer is there in the business for over 22 years now. There are three ISO standard certifications for the company. You can visit them at any of the six facilities in Ohio and Montana. An aftermarket parts store is where you can see and find anything useful.

6. Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton Trailers is one of the leading semi trailer manufacturers USA. The business is since the year 1960. It is the right place to visit if you need unique or traditional trailers. A family owns the company and produces around 10,000 sets per year. If you surf the USA and Canada, you will see many Stoughton Trailers on the road.

7. Towmaster Trailers

If you are seeking to build custom trailers, this is the place where you must come. This place is for sure in the top trailer manufacturers. They belong on this list of truck trailer manufacturers. One leading place for semi-trailers, all parts are in the country. Thus, you are going to get every demand complete here. It is a place where you can get many tag trailers. Hence, it is the place to get the best deal.

8. Quingte Group

It does not matter where you are in the world. People from around 30 countries can order their semi-trailers from the company. It is because they are in semi trailer brands with reputations. There are a lot of options that you can select from this platform. You can choose whatever feels right for you and your business.

9. China Eastern Containers (CEC)

CEC is one of the most popular companies growing very fast in China. If you want to see quick expansion happening, you can see CEC. The pace with which these semi-trailer manufacturers are growing is excellent. Their corporate office and factory are both present in Shanghai. They are producing around 150000 units all around China. So, when you choose one of the best Chinese semi trailer manufacturers, consider it!

10. Shacman

Shacman has been winning the trust of China since the year 1999. How can we not count them as top trailer manufacturers? The experience of more than 20 years proves their skills. Their primary preference is to maintain top quality. In the end, it is the quality that matters the most. Can you think of any semi-trailer manufacturing that is safe for the environment? Shacman is doing that. They follow all the essential guidelines present in the manufacturing industry. You can if you want quality as a priority.

These all are the places in the USA and China that are top semi trailer manufacturers. You can select any of the platforms that suit your need. Do you know selecting the right company? We will understand how you can choose a good platform.

A Guide to Choose Right Semi Trailer

In addition to knowing the best semi trailer manufacturers, when getting the best semi-trailer for your business, there are many things to understand. Following these tips will help you. Also, you can get the best deal if you consider these points.

Choice of Platform

Knowing about the platform is essential when getting your semi-trailer. The knowledge about the company will help you make your choice. Also, you will be able to choose the right thing for you. There are a few sites where you can get only parts also. So, it is your preference that matters.


The region from where you are also decides what is the right company for you to choose. You should select a place that is closer to you. Why is it important? Well, the first thing is the visit. You can visit the site as per your choice. The second thing is the services. The option of company you select among semi-trailer manufacturers will decide. What kind of services you will get is also part of your choice.


We all love variety. We all like creativity. Will we ever want something ordinary? Well, the same thing goes with semi-trailer manufacturers. A place with a lot of options is always better. Thus, look for sites with options. You can select anything from a wide range of options. Also, you may find something you were missing.


Well, never compromise on quality. It is a one-time investment that we are putting into our business. We will not be paying again and again for semi-trailers. Hence, remember that you always keep quality as your top preference.

People Choice

Read the reviews before choosing your semi-trailer manufacturers. There are reviews and lists available for you to decide your choice.


The above is the list of the best and largest semi trailer manufacturers. You can choose any of the types. You decide what is best for you. The list of all these semi trailer manufacturers will help you. Go and find one for your business.

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