How Tall Is A Semi Trailer?


If there are any means of transport that can be efficiently transported on the road, semi-trailers must be among them. By using different types of semi-trailers, it is possible to transport a wide range of goods.
There are many types of semi trailers for sale on the market. The dimensions of different semi-trailers vary, for example, the standard height of semi trailers. When buying a semi-trailer, you have to choose the right one according to the type of goods you want to transport. This article will give you information on the standard semi trailer height and hopefully help you choose suitable semi-trailers. How tall is a semi trailer? If you are interested, read on!

How tall is a semi trailer?

How tall is a standard semi trailer? Different countries have different dimensional requirements for this. For example, there are strict rules regarding the maximum height for semi trailers. This ensures safety on the road. The following will highlight the technical parameters of several popular semi-trailers.

Low Bed Trailer

  • Gooseneck Height: 1350mm-1500mm
  • Load platform: 1250-1400mm

Container Semi-trailer

  • Standard height: 1500-1762mm.

Rear Dump Trailer

  • Standard height: 3300-3500mm

Sidewall Dump Trailer

  • Standard height: 2800-3350mm

Fence Cargo Trailer

  • Height of the chassis: 1550-1660mm
  • Fence Height: 1500-2700mm
  • Maximum height:  4200mm

Fuel Tanker Trailer

  • Standard height: 3500 mm




The detailed explanation is as follows


The low bed trailer is used to transport super-high or super-heavy goods that cannot be transported by standard semi-trailers, such as large machinery, excavators, road rollers, etc. The chassis of the low-bed trailer is the lowest of all semi-trailers. The overall structure is low in the middle and high on both sides or high in the front and low in the back. The height of the low bed trailer will be made according to the customer’s requirements.
The following height is an example of 3 axles. The gooseneck height is between 1350mm-1500mm, and the height of the load platform varies from 1250-1400mm. It is worth noting that the load platform of a low-bed trailer is not horizontal. It is a sloping surface with a height difference of around 40mm. At the rear of the low bed trailer is a foldable climbing ladder, which folds to a height of 3500-3800mm from the ground.

  • Container semi trailer

How tall is a flatbed semi trailer? You may be curious to know the answer to this question. After all, as commonly used container semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers and skeleton semi-trailers are simple in construction and are used to transport containers.
The height of a container semi-trailer can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. But the total height after loading should be within 4200mm of the safe road access requirements. There are two types of standard containers, 20ft, and 40ft. These include GENERAL PURPOSE (2438mm to 2591mm height) and HIGH CUBE CONTAINER (2698mm height). Therefore, when designing the height, the height of the container to be transported should be considered, usually 1500-1762mm.


                                             flatbed semi trailer                                                                               skeleton semi trailer

  • Rear dump trailer

The rear dump trailer transports loose goods such as gravel, dirt, and coal. And it consists of a semi-trailer chassis and a cargo box. When unloading, the container is lifted by a hydraulic cylinder at the front of the rear dump trailer, and the cargo is dumped out using the height difference. The height of a rear dump trailer is generally designed to be between 3300-3500mm, with 3500mm being the most common. The height of the chassis is generally 1500mm and the height of the container can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. After being lifted during unloading, the height of the container can reach 4-5 meters.

  • Sidewall dump trailer

Sidewall dump trailers are used for the transport of loose goods such as coal, gravel, and building materials. Unlike the rear dump trailer, the sidewall dump trailer is lifted by several small cylinders underneath the container. The height of the sidewall dump trailer is 2800-3350mm, of which the height of the container is generally at most 1550mm. If too high, it can easily cause an overturning accident when unloading.

  • Fence cargo trailer

The fence cargo trailer is mainly used to transport agricultural products, animals, vegetables, fruit, clothes, and electrical appliances. It is mainly composed of a chassis and a fence. The height of the chassis is 1550-1660mm, and the height of the fence varies from 1500-2700mm. The whole semi trailer height must not exceed the specified 4200mm to ensure safety.

Fuel tanker trailers are mainly used to transport and store petroleum derivatives (petrol, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, etc.). The fuel tanker trailer also consists of two parts – the chassis and the tank. The height of the chassis is generally 1550mm. And the height of the fuel tanker trailer is around 3500mm, not exceeding 4200mm. The height of a fuel tanker trailer is directly related to its volume, so it is usually described directly by the number of volumes, such as 45 square tanker semi-trailer and 50 square tanker semi-trailer.


How tall is a semi trailer? I’m sure you already know the standard heights for different types of semi-trailers. We have many kinds of semi trailers for sale. Ask our sales manager for advice if you need help deciding to buy a semi-trailer.

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