Truck Trailer Driving Safety

Truck Trailer Driving Safety

4 common dangerous details of driving have you encountered them?

Truck drivers will always encounter one or another situation on the road, some of which are caused by bad personal behaviors, or some details are common mistakes that most truck drivers make in their daily driving.

These little details are not only concerned with the safety of the truck driver, but also the safety of others. Don’t let these seemingly innocuous little details lead to disaster.

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First: The Safe Distance Is Not Guaranteed In Traffic Jams

All truck drivers know to keep a safe distance when driving, especially on high-speed, the vehicle is heavy and the speed is fast, so it is natural to keep a safe distance. However, the issue of maintaining a safe distance in traffic jams has not been noticed or even thought of by many trucks.

There was such a traffic accident in Shandong. At that time, there was a serious traffic jam on the expressway. It stands to reason that the traffic jam was very slow and even stopped.

Who knows, just when the vehicle was moving slowly, suddenly two trucks collided, and the accident was very serious. A heavy goods vehicle rear-ended another heavy goods vehicle, causing the driver of the truck in front to be injured and rushed to the hospital for rescue.

Fortunately, his life was not in danger. When the traffic police investigated the cause, they learned that the driver of the truck behind was looking at the navigation and did not pay attention to maintaining a safe distance from the front. When the car in front had stopped due to congestion, the car was still moving and hit it all at once.

Keep a safe distance when trucks are waiting at red lights or in traffic jams

When many truck drivers are waiting for a red light or in a traffic jam, the only problem they consider is that there should be no traffic jams in front of them. So one of the ways often taken is to follow the car at close range.

Stop-and-go cars, especially when stuck in traffic, cannot predict the road conditions ahead, and can only judge based on the behavior of the car in front. At this time, the distance with the car is too close, and it is easy to cause misjudgment. If there is a car accident in front of you, you will not be able to escape.

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Second: Misuse of Lights, Improper Use of Lights

When the traffic police inspected at night, they found that a large truck looked a bit strange. The traffic police stopped the large truck and checked it carefully, but they were frightened.

There were three LED lights in front of the large truck, which were illuminated at night. As in the daytime, it is still a very dazzling LED light. Later, the traffic police checked and found that it was added by the driver of the truck. The driver of the truck has always claimed that it was brought by the vehicle itself, just to cover up his wrong behavior.

The purpose of the driver adding this light is very simple. On the one hand, it is safer to walk at night, and on the other hand, the strong light can avoid the electronic eye.

After all, the electronic eye captures such a scene as a mass of white light, and nothing can be seen. However, the truck driver’s careful attempts failed, and he was finally fined 500 dollars  and ordered to restore the front of the truck to its original state.

Truck drivers should use lights correctly

Indiscriminate use of lights and incorrect use of lights are very dangerous. The representative behavior that many truck drivers think of is the use of high beams, but many people ignore how to use lights when the light is dim. The truck driver above represents one extreme of the use of lights, and the other extreme is when the light is not good, the truck driver still does not turn on the lights.

Both of these behaviors are wrong, and long-term use of high beams will affect the visibility of oncoming vehicles. You can’t let other traffic participants spot you without your lights on. Turning on the lights is not only for lighting, but also for driving safety.

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Third: Do Not Slow Down When Crossing The Intersection

There was such a car accident in our life. At that time, a truck did not slow down when crossing the intersection. At that time, it was raining and it went downhill again, causing the vehicle to fail to stop. The driver drove his car directly into a store. The wide body blocked the store, and the door slammed into pieces.

Fortunately, because it was already late and it was raining, these roadside stores closed early, and there were no serious consequences, but some property losses. The roadside surveillance recorded this thrilling scene.

Truck drivers should slow down when crossing the intersection

Speaking of which, many truck drivers feel that this is a commonplace question, and they will pay attention to it, but ask yourself, when you are driving daily, will you slow down at every intersection you pass by?

I believe the answer is no. When many truck drivers are driving, or even encountering traffic lights to cross an intersection, not only will they not slow down, but instead will accelerate the accelerator, just to grab two seconds.

In the process of daily driving, not all road sections will be equipped with very perfect traffic lights, and not every pedestrian and other traffic participants have very good traffic safety awareness.

Therefore, it is necessary for the truck driver to do a good job first, and he must first pay attention to slow down when passing the intersection, so as to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents to a large extent.

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Fourth: The Vehicle Is Moving Slowly

100% of truck drivers know that speeding must be punished, but some truck drivers do not know that driving at turtle speed is particularly harmful. Ningbo encountered such a dazed truck driver. The driver of the truck was still driving a dangerous chemicals transport vehicle and was driving at a turtle speed on the highway at that time.

The traffic police saw that the speed of the car was about 20 kilometers per hour, and other vehicles were speeding by, so they stopped quickly and asked the truck driver to drive off the high speed. The traffic police also observed from the rearview mirror that the truck driver was still on the phone.

The vehicle is too fast or too slow

Many truck drivers think that driving too fast is easy to cause a car accident. Can I run a little slower and pay attention to safety?

But it should be noted that everyone is driving on the same road. If your speed is relatively low and the speed of others is normal, then it is easy to be rear-ended by others at this time. If the speed of the vehicle is too slow, or it affects other normal driving vehicles, it is prone to serial crashes. Therefore, truck drivers must pay attention to the fact that slow driving of vehicles is not allowed.

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These 4 small details common to truck drivers on the road look very common, but they are related to driving safety, especially the third mistake, which I believe 90% of drivers will ignore. Safety always comes first, and the alarm bells are ringing.

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