Protecting Oil Tanker trailer

Protecting Oil Tanker trailer

How to prevent electrostatic hazards in oil tanker trailer transportation

During the transportation of oil tanker trailer, static electricity acts as an “invisible fire”. Sometimes, if you are not careful, it will cause unexpected and dangerous accidents. So, how to prevent electrostatic hazards?

The amount of oil in the oil tanker trailer should be appropriate

If the oil tank of the oil tanker trailer is too small, the shaking space during transportation is large, and it is easy to generate static electricity; if it is filled too much, it is easy to cause overflow to the car whose tank mouth is not tightly sealed. Therefore, the filling amount is about 85%. to be appropriate. In addition, the medium speed should be maintained during transportation to ensure that the oil in the oil tanker trailer is relatively stable, and emergency braking should be minimized.

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When changing the oil, drain the original oil

The so-called change of filling oil refers to, for example, that the oil tank that used to be filled with gasoline is now filled with kerosene or diesel oil, or vice versa.

Changing the filling oil can easily form an explosive gas mixture in the tank, especially if the original gasoline in the tank of the tanker is filled with kerosene or diesel now. The reason is that because both kerosene and diesel have the property of absorbing gasoline vapor, it will dilute the oil tank that has been filled with gasoline vapor and become rich in oil to the extent that it can explode, especially in winter. Flashover means serious accidents such as fire and explosion may occur.

According to an accident investigation report of the American Petroleum Institute, 440 of the 620 static electricity accidents occurred in tank trucks were caused by changing the oil filling.

Therefore, when the oil tanker is changed, it is necessary to drain the deposited oil in the oil tank as much as possible, open the tank mouth, and let the oil remaining in the tank volatilize as much as possible. In addition, when filling oil, the oil dispatcher should also be informed of the original oil in the oil tank, so that the oil dispatcher can operate according to regulations, such as limiting the flow rate of oil delivery.

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Keep Oil Tanker Trailer Tanks Clean

There should be no moisture, impurities, etc. in the tank of the oil tanker trailer, because the water in the fuel will significantly change the electrification trend of the fuel, making the voltage in the tank increase dozens or even hundreds of times, and it may also be in the form of sparks. discharge.

Impurities in the oil also have a greater impact on the generation of static electricity, especially some floating substances, such as sawdust, rubber, isolated metal balls (the floating balls on the gauge of some oil tanker trailer fall off), which are very dangerous. The main reason is that this type of conduction has a capacitive effect and can collect and store more electrostatic charges.

There is no fixed motion track in the tanker tank, and it is easy to access the tank wall or other accessories in the tanker tank to form a proper discharge. gap. According to the test, once this phenomenon is formed, as long as the potential difference with the liquid level is 1-2KV, a spark discharge may occur (ordinary liquid level is 28-30KV), and the discharge energy is strong, and the stored energy can be fully released at one time.

To ensure the integrity of other accessories of the oil tanker trailer

Valves, exhalation valves, and oil tank cover sealing rings on the oil tank should always be in good condition to prevent fuel leakage or overflow, and fire caused by static sparking.

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To connect the static wire

Before loading and unloading oil, the oil tanker trailer and the oil loading and unloading equipment should be bridged together with electrostatic wires (the electrostatic wires that are connected to the tanker are installed in the oil depot).


①Conduct the static electricity induced by the oil tank away to avoid flashover with external substances;

②Keep the tank truck and the entire oil loading and unloading equipment at the same potential to prevent potential difference;

③It has the effect of accelerating the leakage of the electric charge in the oil. When connecting the electrostatic wire, be sure to select a rust-free and exposed metal part on the tanker, and it cannot be connected to a place with severe rust or paint.

The data shows that only when the resistance of the entire electrostatic grounding system is less than 10 ohms can good electrostatic conductivity be achieved.

The ideal way is to install a special copper connection board in a certain part of the tanker for connecting electrostatic wires.

In addition, the electrostatic grounding wire on the oil tanker cannot be used as the electrostatic wire for oil loading and unloading, because the oil tanker is generally parked on the cement floor or hard ground during oil loading and unloading, and the resistance of the electrostatic grounding wire is not high. It may be less than 10 ohms, so it is difficult to ensure that the equipotential is maintained with the loading and unloading equipment.

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Ensure that the anti-static facilities on the oil tanker trailer are in good condition

The anti-static facilities on the oil tanker trailer are mainly the static grounding wire and the oil separator in the oil tank.

There are two types of electrostatic grounding wires: chain type and conductive rubber support belt. The former is prone to sparks due to the impact of mopping the ground, the connection is intermittent when grounded, and the easy corrosion will increase the leakage resistance.

Therefore, the electrostatic grounding wire should be adjusted frequently to ensure that it has good contact with the ground, and a multimeter should be used to check whether it is smooth and whether it is broken, and replace it in time if any problems are found.

The function of the oil separator is to reduce the shaking and splashing of the oil in the tank during the transportation of the oil tanker, so as to reduce the generation of static electricity. If the oil separator is removed from the maintenance tank, it must be installed in time and must not be regarded as a dispensable device.

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