U Shape Tipper Trailer Truck With Many Advantages

U Shape Dump Trailer Truck With Many Advantages

In China, due to the limitation of the number of axles, ordinary freight semi-trailers can only have three axles, and dump semi-trailers are no exception.

But in some countries in the overseas market, the number of axles is not a problem, pull more, disperse axle load, how good how to come. SUNSKY exports multi-axle dump semi-trailer to overseas market. It’s a little interesting.

The box body adopts U-shaped box structure, because there is no dead corner at the corners of U-shaped boxes, it is not easy to stick to the box when unloading, and the unloading is cleaner. In addition to the traditional dump truck container is through the thickening of steel to improve the strength, U-shaped container through structural optimization, reduce the weight.

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