Why choose aluminum tanker trailer?

Why choose aluminum tanker trailer?

The use of aluminum in vehicles has a long history. By the 1960s, aluminum has been used in automobiles on a large scale.
Today, in Europe, the United States, Australia, Germany and other developed countries carbon steel tank car has been basically eliminated, to use aluminum alloy tank car.

Carbon steel canned gasoline, diesel oil corrosion, easy to rust, resulting in oil pollution, and then lead to early wear and tear of the vehicle engine, greatly shortening the service life of the engine.
The use of aluminum alloy oil tanker can not only greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle, improve transportation efficiency, but also prolong the service life of 5-10 years than the carbon steel tank.
Over the whole life cycle, the profit created is very considerable.

Aluminum alloy density is small, large section girder extrusion molding, high strength.
It is more than 4 tons lighter than similar carbon steel tank truck, and 20% more than carbon steel tank truck.
Because the aluminum alloy tank is lighter than the carbon steel tank truck, it reduces the fuel consumption and tire wear in the transportation process, thus reducing the daily operation and maintenance costs.
By reducing the body weight of the vehicle and increasing the payload, the same amount of cargo can be transported several fewer times.

Aluminum alloy and acetone, benzene, gasoline and diesel oil, kerosene, glacial acetic acid and other most of the chemical media and food has good compatibility, transport range is relatively wide;
Low maintenance cost, can not do anti-corrosion surface metal treatment, the body scratch will not rust, durable appearance, easy to clean.
15-20 years is the typical service life of aluminum alloy tank truck.
According to the statistics of Heil’s decades of experience in the global market, the average service life of aluminum alloy tank truck is about 10 years, which depends on the use and maintenance status of customers. The longest service life of aluminum alloy tank truck has reached 40 years.

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