What’s Drawbar Trailer?​

What’s Drawbar Trailer?

Drawbar flat trailer generally uses pneumatic solid tire,low surface height, heavy load.

There is no danger of tire breakage or puncture.

Safe,simple and durable.

It has no power of its own and needs to be pulled by a drawbar or forklift.

Usually one or more flatbed trailers and a forklift or drawbar form a train,flatbed to transport goods or move large equipment.

Widely used in airports,ports,railway stations,factories and large warehouses.

Greatly improve the efficiency of cargo transfer and translation.

Reduce forklift and labor costs.

Traction rod trailer is generally composed of frame,body,traction device,steering device, suspension,walking system,braking system,signal system and so on.

The frame is mainly composed of main beam,beam,support beam and side beam.

The upper wing of a straight beam rail is straight.

Its advantages lie in the flat bottom of the trailer cargo platform,simple manufacturing process,generally higher clearance from the ground,good longitudinal passage.

Rail plate compartment is generally made of thin steel plate,longitudinal concave edge plate stamping in compartment rail plate,transverse rib welding,increase compartment stiffness,reduce the quality of compartment;

The floor of the carriage is usually made of wood,covered with thin steel plates,or a composite floor of iron wood construction.

What's Drawbar Trailer​2

The frame is usually made of 16Mn steel plate pressed into profile welding or welded with wicker.The longitudinal beam and beam of the frame are mostly grooved interface structure,and the width of the front and rear longitudinal beams is equal,so that the frame has better bending resistance.

drawbar-trailer classification:

Flatbed drawbar-trailer – Flatbed construction for partial drawbar-trailer without pallets.

Container drawbar-trailer – a frameless,floorless drawbar-trailer designed to transport container cars.

Dump drawbar-trailer – a drawbar-trailer with loading parts for a dump mechanism.

Tank drawbar-trailer – enclosed tank construction drawbar-trailer for loading components.

The difference between drawbar-trailer and semi-trailer:

Unlike semi-trailers,semi-trailers are trailers that place the axle behind the vehicle’s center of gravity (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and are equipped with coupling devices to transfer horizontal or vertical force to the drawbar!

A normal trailer has two shafts and a semi-trailer has one shaft.

Semi-trailer refers to the vehicle that has no power itself,shares the load with the main vehicle and relies on the main vehicle to run.

drawbar-trailer purpose:

drawbar-bar trailer is a trailer used earlier in the development of trailer,its structure is simple, convenient connection,wide use.

Traction trailer for general traction trailer,with carriage track board traction trailer,can transport all kinds of goods,such as coal,sand,grain,cotton, fertilizer,daily provisions,wood,steel,cement and so on.

What's Drawbar Trailer​

Full trailer dump truck,van, tank truck,chassis trailer,heat preservation and refrigeration trailer,powder bulk trailer,livestock and poultry trailer,etc.

Can separately transport different kinds of goods,such as powder,perishable,liquid,poultry,livestock,etc.

Related products were also used in China in the 1980s and 1990s

It is not difficult to find that the advantages of the drawbar-rod trailer are quite obvious.

In China,in the 1980s and 1990s,due to the combined effects of technology and road conditions,all-trailer models began to be widely used.

At the end of the seventies,due to historical legacy problems,domestic truck manufacturing Co., LTD.,large tonnage drawbars can not break through,when the existing semi-product bearing capacity and drawbar-trailer matching,in the flexible dominant,in the case of small capacity to delete the trailer,

A drawbar can be pulled just like a drawbar.

On the other hand,the manufacturing cost of drawbar-trailers is not particularly high,so this performance just meets the transportation needs of the backward logistics industry of that era.See certainly some people will ask:now our infrastructure capacity has also improved,the road is getting wider and easier,big brands like mushrooming to emerge like constantly launched a high-horsepower drawbar products,according to the drawbar-trailer truth should be more correct,why not see a few now on the road?

A typical drawbar-trailer consists of a general frame,coat,drawbar-bar (frame) and steering gear,suspension,wheels,braking system and other parts,trailer load is borne by itself,the main role of the trailer is only to provide power to achieve traction and trailer steering.

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