What’s Advantage of Chinese Trailer?​

What’s Advantage of Chinese Trailer?

By now,Chinese trailer exports reached 44,000 units.Africa is an important export destination for China trailer,with 50 SINOtruk HOWO truck trailer exported to West Africa and 90 dump trailers exported to the Democratic Republic of Congo.In addition to west Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo mentioned above,China also has many export markets truck trailer for sale,such as Ghana,Mali,Cameroon,Cote d ‘Ivoire and Tanzania in Africa,as well as our close neighbor Russia,our skeleton trailer,flatbed trailer,side wall trailer and fence cargo trailer is popular in these contries.As one of the fastest growing countries in the world,China truck trailer can offer you high quality semi trailer and China truck,even different trailer manufacturers can offer different qualities.

40ft Container Chassis For Sale

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Most Chinese trailer suppliers can meet your shipping needs.In addition to these developing countries,China also exported semi trailer to France and other developed countries.Although There are many Chese trailer exporters in China,the price issue is also one of our main concerns.Importing new semi trailer from China can help you save more than 50% of your costs compared to buying from Europe or Turkey truck trailer.Even for small orders,Chinese trailer manufacturers can also produce and design truck trailer for sale different countries according to your requirements.

fuel tanker trailer

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Tri Axles Low Bed Trailer

It has been more than ten years since China trailer entered the world market.We are more specialized in manufacture fuel tanker semi trailer,LPG semi trailer,low bed semi trailer.In this difficult period of development,China trailer in the process of details and performance have a qualitative improvement.In addition,domestic trailers enjoy a high reputation in the world’s important energy and mineral exporting countries for their diversity and high applicability.

Following is how to maintain semi trailer?
What are the precautions for Chinese trailer maintenance?One, China trailer maintenance matters.Safe driving is the most important part of the truck trailer life.In order to prevent future problems, the semi trailer should be inspected weekly or before each transportation.The more complete the inspection matters,the better,we only with the following eight big aspects to do guidance,I hope that the card friends on the driving before the inspection has more supplement and understanding.
Safety first,check everything is ok before you go on the road.Look at the truck trailer tire,visual tire pressure visual to see no lack of air,debris attached to the phenomenon,and then see whether there is deformation, cracks and other phenomena.Check the tightness of Chinese trailer tyre screws.Wind gun tight screw this detail we can not be too troublesome,should check each screw fastening one by one, on the way to run off a screw is a small matter, lost a tire is money can be solved,but if the accident to run but too late to regret.
To paraphrase a word is “no trivial tire”, we hope to remember.Semi trailer suspension system to see all nuts and bolts, u-bolt tightness, this is related to whether to eat tire.Shake your leg to make sure it’s normal.Ouleg check must shake up shake down try a few times, and then see if there are cracks in the welding,especially now running swing semi trailer friends, must pay attention to this problem.Feel for wear and tear on moving parts.
Check the box board, lock rod hand feel the box board hinge, box hook, pile,semi trailer container locks and other small parts, see if there is any crack broken phenomenon.Check all lamps and anti – cursor paste.Check the Chinese truck electrical road to see if there is no normal touch on the line, get on the car to open the light to see if there is a bad light, reflective logo is missing, I believe there must be card friends on the road because of reflective logo defect was punished.Look at the truck trailer and semi trailer brake connections.After the dashboard of the cab starts the truck trailer,see if the barometer is enough, and try the brake again.Listen for leaks in the China truck brakes.Get out and listen for air leaks and test the China truck brakes.

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Shacman F3000 6x4 Tractor Unit

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