Why Choose China Truck?

Why Choose China Truck?

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the transportation industry is also in the stage of rapid development.Chinese truck industry also usher in new development opportunities.Chinese truck industry has invested heavily in research and development, improve the technical level of truck trailer products,in order to meet the current domestic and abroad demand for modern cargo transportation,while improving the competitiveness of  truck trailer for sale in the market.Many European truck trailer industry also see the business opportunities in the foreign market,have entered Africa to seize the market,China truck with its excellent performance by many clients,Chinese truck trailer for sale causing a great impact on the abroad truck trailer market.

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Clients pay a high price for the safety, security and efficiency of imported European truck trailer.Mainly reflected in the cost of truck trailer purchase and maintenance and other use costs of two aspects.Imported truck trailer typically cost three to five times as much as Chinese truck.The high cost of buying a truck trailer for sale in European puts off many buyers.Subsequent service fees, accessories fees and so on are more expensive to accept.In addition,China truck are very popular with African clients both in terms of service and quality, Chinese Chinese truck including our SINOTRUK HOWO tractors,dump trucks.SHACMAN Truck tractors,dump trucks are always popular in Africa.Chinese truck trailer for sale in Zimbabwe,Zambia,Mozambique,Kenya,Malawi,Ghana,Nigeria,Benin and so on.The chassis of the China truck are specially designed,and the final configuration of China truck can be customized according to the transportation needs of customers.In terms of network construction and service radius,China truck enterprises have obvious advantages over imported truck trailer enterprises.

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China truck enterprises can timely and effectively help China truck driver and word truck trailer driver transport enterprises to solve the problem of vehicle failure,to a large extent, improve the driving efficiency of drivers.In the African market,Chinese truck have service stations in almost every country to sell parts,so repairing and acquiring China truck parts is not a headache.And the maintenance of China truck cost is reasonable, the clients is easy to accept.At present,China truck trailer for sale in different countries and regions,meet different clients transport needs.In recent years,Chinese truck trailer in product quality, performance has been greatly improved, quality has been rapidly in line with European truck trailer.

We sent 20 dump trucks to Nigeria.

Initially,the customer intended to buy 10 units China truck,but he did not know much about dump Chinese truck.

After a period of communication,we found that the dump China truck is more suitable for the customer’s needs.

So we talked to the customer, and he decided to buy 1 unit China truck.

Also, he changed the number to 20 units Chinese truck.

After three months of communication and comparison with many suppliers,the client thought Fudeng Automobile was the most professional, so he gave us a deposit.We send dump trucks to Nigeria as soon as we finish China truck production.The customer received the Chinese truck and, after a period of use, gave us a good review.We are also very grateful to our customers in Nigeria.

Through this,we found that only by better understanding the products customers need,we can better serve customers.

As a professional semi trailer manufacturer,Fudeng Automobile promises that we not only have professional pre-sale and in-sale services,but also have a perfect after-sales service system.

We are committed to helping customers solve problems and let users feel comfortable using their truck trailer.Whether from the factory strength,semi trailer experience,professional R & D team, or perfect after-sales service,choose Fudeng Automobile is your best choice.

Why Choose China Truck​
Why Choose China Truck​

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