3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before

Safe driving is the top priority of driving a truck. In order to prevent problems before they occur, a routine inspection should be carried out before each transport of the 3 axle 80 ton lowbed trailer. The more complete the inspection items, the better. I will guide you from eight major aspects below. I hope that card friends will have more supplements and understanding of the inspection before driving.

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before

Inspection items before driving of 3 axle 80 ton lowbed trailer

1. The first step is to look at the tire: visually check that there is no lack of air or debris attached, and then look at whether the steel rim is deformed or cracked.

2. Then check the tightness of the tire screws: Don’t take this detail too much trouble. You should check whether each screw is tight one by one. It’s a trivial matter to lose a screw on the way. Losing a tire can be solved with money, but if Running out of an accident is beyond regret. To use a sentence is “tire is no small matter”, I hope everyone remembers.

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before

3. Inspection of the suspension system of the 3 axle 80ton lowbed trailer: Check the tightness of all nuts, bolts, and U-bolts, which is related to whether or not to eat tires.

4. Shake the outriggers to ensure that they are normal: the outriggers of the 80ton 3 axle lowboy trailer must be shaken and shaken a few times, and then check whether there are any cracks in the welding, especially for the riders who are running and hanging. Pay attention to this issue.

5. Touch the wear and tear of the moving parts: reach out and touch the small parts such as box board hinges, box hooks, stakes, container locks, etc. to see if there is any crack or breakage.

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before

6. Check all the lamps and reflective stickers on the 3axle 80ton lowbed trailer: Check the electrical circuit to see if it is normal, get on the car and turn on the lights to see if there are any broken lights, and the reflective signs are not missing, I believe there must be card friends Got fined for missing reflective signs on the road.

7. Dashboard in the cab: After starting the car, check whether the pressure gauge is enough, and then try the brake with one foot of the brake.

8. Listen to the brakes for air leakage: Get off the car and listen to the sound of air leakage, and test whether the brakes work well.

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before

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