What Types Of 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailers Are Available?

What Types Of 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailers Are Available?

In the African road freight, in addition to the gooseneck flatbed trailer suitable for diversified transportation, I think the more practical and stronger 3 axle fence cargo trailer also makes customers praise. Especially the current harsh overload control measures make many drivers engaged in coal, agricultural products and LTL general cargo transportation will turn their attention to this main lightweight design of the model.

13m straight beam fence cargo trailer

The biggest difference between the straight beam type fence cargo trailer and the ordinary 60cm fence trailer lies in the addition of lattice guardrail above its fence plate, which has stronger professionalism for transporting bulk cargo such as corn and wheat by adding airtight soft canvas at a later stage, and the weight of the current lightweight model is controlled at about 6.5 tons.

What Types Of 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailer Is Available?

13m gooseneck fence cargo trailer

Gooseneck fence cargo trailer as a practical model that is currently very popular among individual transport truckers, its biggest feature is that under the heavy load of the trailer, the three axle tires are still evenly stressed, compared to the flatbed trailer transporting bulk cargo under the volume of 2m³ can be increased. The dead weight of the lightweight model is reduced from 8.3 tons to 6.8 tons.

What Types Of 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailer Is Available?

10m flatbed fence cargo trailer

Transport companies and individuals in some major coal producing areas in Africa usually choose a fence cargo trailer with an overall length of 10m, which is a short wheelbase design with better practicality for vehicles that travel on road conditions all year round.

Due to the lightweight fence design, this trailer is 500 kg less than its semi-open counterpart in terms of deadweight, which means that this type of vehicle will increase its transport capacity by 1 ton for a round-trip full load, thus increasing transport revenue.

What Types Of 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailer Is Available?

9.5m fence cargo trailer

This model adopts a gooseneck design for smoother driving, reducing the instability of driving with a high center of gravity for a full load of cargo. The overall length of the vehicle is 9.5m, width is 2.55m, maximum height is 3.9m, and the overall mass is 5.7 tons. The full fuel weight is about 9 tons, which means that the whole vehicle (tractor + trailer) can carry a maximum of 34 tons of cargo if the mass is controlled at 15 tons.

What Types Of 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailer Is Available?

As the old saying goes, “If you want to be good at what you do, you must first be good at what you do”, for the majority of card users to choose a professional trailer must have a certain ability to collect goods, through a reasonable investment cost to achieve the desired return is the key. Reduce the competition of differentiated models and improve the benign development of the market price is the obligation and responsibility of each card user.

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