Price Gap Of Low Loader Trailer In Factory Of Different Size

Price Gap Of Low Loader Trailer In Factory Of Different Size

The war of low loader trailer prices has never stopped. Different prices reflect the differences in manufacturer’s production scale, cost, process, equipment and other aspects. Do you take it for granted that low loader trailer in small semi-trailer factories are cheap, while low flatbed trailers in large trailer factories must be expensive?

In fact, the opposite is true. Eliminate the situation of shoddy goods. Under the same quality, the price of trailers in small factories is much higher than that in large factories. Why does this phenomenon occur? FUDENG trailer tells you the answer.

Price Gap Of Low Loader Trailer In Factory Of Different Size

What is the price gap between low loader trailer?

Large gap in raw material cost

During the production of a low loader trailer. The cost of raw materials accounts for a large proportion of the total cost, generally more than 60%, and even 80% of the high cost. Raw materials are the main object of cost control. Now high-strength steel is widely used in the market. Although the same steel type of the same brand, the purchase prices of raw materials of enterprises are also different.

In terms of procurement before the production of low loader trailer. Due to various reasons such as order volume, capital and inventory, small factories need to purchase less steel at one time and purchase at a higher price. Moreover, the steel price fluctuates frequently, and it is difficult to keep the price in line with the market price. The grasp of steel price fluctuations is unstable, and the situation occurs frequently.

Price Gap Of Low Loader Trailer In Factory Of Different Size

Due to the low manufacturing threshold of semi trailers, many small factories swarmed in, but the utilization rate of steel is often ignored in the production process. Due to incomplete ordering specifications, low matching degree between parts and steel, imperfect design and other problems, steel waste, large production consumption and low utilization rate of steel will be caused. Based on the factors of steel procurement cost and utilization rate, there will be a large price difference in the cost of raw materials. On average, the price difference can reach hundreds of dollars for each low loader trailer.

Price Gap Of Low Loader Trailer In Factory Of Different Size

Enterprise management fee cannot be ignored

For any enterprise, labor costs, electrical costs, logistics management and other costs are indispensable. For semi trailer enterprises, most of the management costs are closely related to the level of intelligence.

Generally speaking, the intelligence level of small factories is low, and they are in the state of extensive processing all the year round. A large number of workers are needed in every link of the workshop. The wage cost of workers is higher, and the labor productivity of workers is generally lower than that of machines. Moreover, due to the particularity of the production mode, it needs to work intermittently, which consumes more electrical fees, and the production cost remains high.

Price Gap Of Low Loader Trailer In Factory Of Different Size

FUDENG trailer has two factories and dozens of modern production lines to produce low loader trailer for you. Fudeng Trailer introduces industry leading automatic production equipment, which reduces labor costs, greatly improves labor productivity, and saves electrical fees by producing continuously throughout the day.

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