Fudeng 3 Axles Low Bed Trailer End Production Is Ready To Arrange Delivery

Fudeng 3 Axles Low Bed Trailer End Production Is Ready To Arrange Delivery

Light semi trailers not only have certain advantages in their own “lightweight”, but also have same economic benefits as ordinary semi-trailers. Because the weight of the light low bed semi-trailer is more than 2 tons less than that of the ordinary low bed trailer, so if the comprehensive calculation comes down a year, light semi-trailer in every transportation will transport 2 tons goods more than of ordinary semi-trailer, the light low bed semi-trailer will be more than the ordinary semi-trailer income tens of thousands of dollars. From the perspective of economic benefits, the future development advantage of Fudeng Semitrailer is just around the corner.

Fudeng semitrailer gradually influences the sales market of semitrailer manufacturing industry. Due to the special advantage of “lightweight” of semitrailer, light low bed semitrailer has attracted more and more attention of consumers due to its special advantage of “lightweight”. The launch of light semi-trailers has gradually updated the shortcomings of traditional steel semi-trailers in their own weight. With the increasing development of high-tech, ordinary semi-trailers will gradually be “updated and replaced” by light low bed semi-trailers. Therefore, it seems that the future development prospect of light semi-trailers is quite good.

In the future of semi-trailer manufacturing development road, light semi-trailer will be a mainstream product in the trailer manufacturing industry, the future development advantage should not be underestimated,it will be a technical change to the ordinary semi-trailer.

“In the current economic environment, the growth of the commercial vehicle industry remains challenging,” Fudeng boss said,as a result of the overall market demand for raw materials, the price of raw materials has risen, coupled with the price of fuel such as oil and gas.

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