How Wide Is A Semi Trailer?


Semi-trailers are widely used as one of the most efficient means of road transport. Whether it is fuel transportation, liquid transportation, or transportation of containers, machinery equipment, and other goods, semi-trailers are inseparable. To work in freight transportation, you should first have a semi-trailer. Before buying, you need to know the size of a semi trailer. For example, how wide is a semi trailer?
The semi-trailer width is one of the critical factors that affect efficiency. The wider the semi-trailer is, the more cargo it can transport at one time. However, different countries have different regulations on the dimensions of a semi trailer, including standard semi trailer width. When you need to focus on this before buying a semi-trailer, you can ask our sales manager, who will give you the right advice according to your country. Or continue reading.

How wide is a semi trailer?

There are many kinds of semi trailers for sale, each with different technical parameters. The common types of semi-trailers are skeletal container trailers, flatbed trailers, low-bed trailers, dropside/fence cargo trailers, tipper trailers, fuel tanker trailers, and more. The following will introduce the width of semi-trailers that are commonly used respectively.

  • How wide is a flatbed semi trailer?


Like the skeleton or flatbed semi-trailer specifically used to transport containers, also known as a container semi-trailer, their width is generally developed following the size of the container being transported. The International Organization for Standardization developed an international standard container size of 2438mm. So how wide is a standard semi trailer? A flatbed semi-trailer or skeleton semi-trailer transporting standard containers should be able to carry a standard container of 2438mm in width. The width will usually be wider than the container’s width, so the standard semi trailer width will be designed to be 2600mm.

In addition to transporting the standard container specified by ISO, the width of the container semi-trailer can also be designed according to the customer’s customized version of the container, which should follow the local legal regulations when designing. Like some countries in Africa, the standard width of the container semi-trailer is 2500mm, the most common width.

  • How wide is a low bed trailer?


A low bed trailer is used to carry large cargoes and is the widest one allowed of all semi-trailer types. The low bed trailer width is 3000-3500mm. If the customer requires a wider low-bed trailer, the designer adds wideners to the side edges of the low-bed trailer.
The widener is a structure that can be extended outward on both sides of the semi-trailer body; one side of the widener can be designed up to 250mm. A 3000mm wide low bed trailer can be up to 3500mm wide after the widener on both sides is unfolded. When needed, the widener is lifted upward and broken outward. When the widener is retracted, lift it upward and fold it back to the original place.
Note: After the widener is unfolded, the widening position cannot bear the weight.


  • How wide is a fuel tanker trailer?


Next, let’s talk about the tanker semi trailer sizes. The tanker semi trailer width, such as fuel tanker trailers, is generally designed to be 2500mm. In some countries, the width of semi trailers is allowed to be up to 3000mm, but in-depth research and planning are required to ensure that they are within the specified range before transporting oversized loads. The width of a semi-trailer is also influenced by the road, considering the width of the highway lane.

Generally, the width of different types of semi-trailers ranges from 2500mm to 3500mm, which is limited by local laws and road width. The width of semi trailer can be increased by installing wideners on the low bed trailer, but it should be noted that the widened position cannot bear the weight. The weight or size of the goods to be transported should be determined in advance before transporting the goods to avoid overloading.

Custom semi trailers for sale

Don’t find what you were looking for, do you? As we just mentioned, the width of different types of semi-trailers varies from 2500mm to 3500mm, which is limited by local laws and road width. Within the limits of the law, we can customize it according to your requirements. For example, if you want to buy a container semi-trailer, but you are confused about the lack of the correct size. That’s all we need to do. We can design the container semi-trailer according to the customer’s customized container. So if you have custom needs in this area, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will advise you.


How wide are semi trailers? After reading this article, you already know the answer. Different countries have different regulations on the width of a semi-trailer. It all depends on local laws and road width restrictions. Don’t worry. As one of the best semi trailer manufacturers in China, we have many years of experience in the industry. We have professionals who can advise you on the right way to buy or customize according to your country or region.

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