Semi Trailer Manufacturer

Shandong Fudeng Auto Co., Ltd. is one of China’s best semi trailer manufacturers. We have our truck trailer factory and specialize in manufacturing and selling all kinds of semi-trailers.
We have a professional semi-trailer design and research team. And we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality semi-trailers. “Quality first, reputation first, service first” is the business philosophy. Besides, we have custom semi trailers for sale. You only need to provide the semi trailer dimensions you want

Full Stack Semi Trailer Manufacturing Solutions

As one of the professional China trailer manufacturers, we offer full stack semi-trailer manufacturing solutions. We have many types of semi trailers for sale, providing solutions for almost any transportation business. According to customers’ requirements, we can also offer customized designs and configurations of semi-trailers. In addition, as one of the trustworthy semi trailer companies, we provide after-sales service to our customers to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of the semi-trailer.
We are focused on designing, manufacturing, and selling semi-trailers. Everything is done to provide our customers with high-quality and demand-compliant semi-trailer solutions.

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