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2 units skeleton trailer is ready to arrange sea shipping

Container chassis trailers mostly used for 40ft container or two units 20ft containers transportation from port to customers final destination. The container chassis semi trailer are mostly requested by long term logistics company which mainly do container transport logistics goods from port, like from Beira port, from Dar Es Salaam port from Mombasa port or Lagos port , or Abidjan port and Dakar port ect Africa busy ports to customers places. The container can load all kinds of goods , for our industry the flatbed container trailers and container chassis skeleton trailers can also shipped by 45ft container to customers.
This container chassis semi trailer customer find our sales representative told that try to find good quality and cheaper container chassis trailers for his new business, the trial order will start with 2 units and if use well will place more. After several emails and whatsapp video discussion customer very satisfy with our company professional work and service and customer close the order happily. Now we finish the production and packaged well deliver the container chassis trailers to Tianjin port and awaiting ship to customer his container chassis semi trailers.