Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain Trailer ?

Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain Trailer?

Just last week, a customer from Niger bought a curtain trailer from our company and received it. He told us that he was very satisfied with this side curtain Trailer. I hope I can make money with it.

The customer’s name is Alex. He bought a 13 m aluminum curtain semi trailer, whose length, width and height are the maximum values specified by local laws and regulations. Since aluminum alloy is used as the main material of the vehicle and the design of side curtain is adopted, the curb weight of the trailer is 6.6 tons. In terms of tires, double tire design is adopted.

Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain Trailer

What are the characteristics of curtain trailer?

The side of the curtain semi trailer adopts a skeleton structure, the column and curtain can be moved, and the horizontal bar can be disassembled. From a distance, the soft side trailer are very similar to the general fence cargo trailers. The main difference is that the carriages on both sides are fixed by detachable guide rail frames, and the outer side is covered by soft tarpaulins. During loading and unloading, both sides of the carriages can be fully opened. The same design is adopted for the top of the car, which can be fully stored at one end of the car, so as to facilitate loading and unloading of large items from the top.

In terms of axle selection, this curtain trailer uses Fuhua wosheng axle. Wosheng was originally a Dutch axle brand. After being acquired by Fuhua, it became a high-end axle brand under Fuhua, mainly supplying the European market.

Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain TrailerWhy Do More And More People Choose Curtain Trailer

Why more people choose curtain trailer

It is more suitable for palletized transportation and does not need to cover the rain cloth. Mr. Alex’s main business is to pull accessories for parts manufacturers. Originally, he used a large single tire warehouse rack Trailer. This time, he changed thecurtain semi trailer mainly to focus on the following points.

1. Curtain Trailer firstly complies with the product specifications and has strong adaptability to the source of goods. It also does not need to frequently get on and off the trailer to cover the rain cloth, so the driver’s safety is higher.

Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain Trailer

2. The side curtain trailer is more suitable for pallet transportation. Alex believes that in the future, there will be more and more palletized transportation in the transportation industry. According to his own observation, there are fewer and fewer porters now, and few young people can handle them. The cost of hiring porters is also rising. Many manufacturers emphasize the use of pallets when delivering and receiving goods, so there is no need to carry them. It is faster and cheaper to unload with forklift, and it can also be stacked higher and save more space.

Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain Trailer

3. Due to the design features, the two sides and the top of the cargo compartment can be fully opened, which is very suitable for pallet transportation. In addition, in some very narrow unloading environments, the curtain trailer can also unload from the side normally, which is not possible for the ordinary fence cargo trailer.

4. In terms of cargo fixation, side curtain trailer has obvious advantages. Another advantage of the curtain trailer is that it can pull all kinds of goods, and the goods can be fixed at any position on the vehicle. This is obviously superior to the van.

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