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Heavy Duty Tri Axles Low Bed Trailer For Sale

Dimension: 13*3*1.75m (outside)
Capcaity: 80tons or customized
Axle: 3 axles BPW
Suspension: Mechanical or Air bag
Landing Gear: JOST brand
King Pin: 2.0 or 3.5 inch
Tire: 12R22.5; 315/80R22.5
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Heavy Duty Tri Axles Low Bed Trailer For Sale

Heavy Duty Tri Axles Low Bed Trailer Complies With The Height Restrictions
Tri axles low bed trailer can be put to fair use if you face any tall cargo movement restriction. These trailers accommodate the high load and transfer it without compromising the legal procedures or the shipment’s safety. A customized low bed trailer allows the user to lower the rear part for extra ease in transporting the loaded freight.

Semi Bed Trailer have a bed height of almost 4 feet. It is generally used to carry the freight of relatively greater size than the bed height. Hence, it is used in various industries, including heavy-cargo transportation and trucking, among others. Semi Low bed trailers have multiple capacities, and for each capacity type, it uses a different number of axles from 2,3,4 axles to 7,8 axles.

Heavy Duty Tri Axles Low Bed Trailer Safety
The structure of semi-low bed trailers secures the loaded cargo. You can transport freight without worrying about undue damage. This trailer’s frame is made from high-strength material, which gives the required strength to endure high pressure. Removable or folding goose-neck semi low bed trailer allows loading heavy cargo from the front instead of rear or side parts. This provides an added level of safety, especially when moving heavy equipment. Hence, you can use these trailers in your business to safely transfer the cargoes.
Features of the tri axles low bed trailer:
1) Manufacturer, 32 years professional experience.

2) Two years guarantee term provided freely.

3) Export more than 1000 units to Africa, Southeastern Asia, and South America.

4) Products can be custom-made according to your design.
Tri Axles Low Bed Trailer For Sale
1.The main frame of tri axles low bed trailer is made of 16Mn high-tensile steel, reasonable structure, superior carrying capacity and no permanent deformation. It can be reinforced according to using requirement.

2. Tri axles low bed trailer adopts large gooseneck structure, low loading platform and gravity, high roadability, big loading space. And it’s suitable for transportation of large mechanical devices, large-scale cargo

3.The axles, tyres and other accessories are the well-known products which supplied by the domestic and foreign professional manufacturers.

4.The continuous improvement of structure makes it much accord with practical loading and unloading requirements.