HOWO 20000liters Fuel Tanker Truck-China Fudeng fuel oil tanker truck

HOWO 20000liters Fuel Tanker Truck

Model: ZZ1257N4641W
Horse power:336hp / 371hp
Driving: left hand drive or right hand drive
Payload: 35T
Tire: 12.00R20 , 315/80R22.5 , 12R22.5
Color: red, white, yellow, blue , or optional
Shipping term: by bulk cargo/ by RORO
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HOWO 20000liters Fuel Tanker Truck

HOWO 20000liters Fuel Tanker Truck
1. HOWO Fuel tanker truck, carbon steel material tanker body
2. Volume capacity can according to your need to design
3. Tire include 12.00R20 , 315/80R22.5, 12R22.5 for your choose
4. Transport liquid such as diesel , oil , petrol, kerosene, gasoline, crude oil, alcohol, ethanol, methanol, waste water, ect

The HOWO tanker trucks are vehicles with large tanks for transporting liquids. They are designed for specific cargoes and service requirements, and are built in a range of sizes. Tanker trucks are equipped with a pumping system for loading and off-loading liquids.

1. Rear protective guard material is high-strength steel,big pitch, crash protection and improve safety.
2. Tank section with international standard small arc, improve tank strength more uniform intensity.
3. European standard loading and unloading system. Safe and environmental friendly.
4. Perfect Diesel Engine, high-quality Axles, perfect suspension systems, reliable Tires and large load capacity ensure the good performance of HOWO tanker truck.

Sinotruk HOWO 10 wheels 20000liters fuel tanker truck
Truck horse power according to your capacity to advice
HOWO Fuel Tanker Truck Body Detail
-1. Material: Carbon steel (also have stainless steel, aluminum alloy)
-2. Function: Fuel/oil/diesel Transporting and refueling, etc.
-3. Volume of Tank: 20000Liters
-4. Thickness: 5mm
-5. Equipment: a. Equipped with 1 oil pump with 1 inlet valve and 1 outlet valve.
b. Tank divided into 4 compartments, each discharge valve for each compartment.
c. Each European standard man hole cover and each air emergency valve for each compartment.
d. Equipped with folding barrier on top of the tank.
e. Equipped with fire extinguisher, front ladder, grounding wire, plastic fender.
HOWO Fuel Tanker Truck  For Sale
Driving Right hand drive/left hand drive
Model ZZ1167M4611W
Engine WD615.87,266 HP EURO II
Cab HW76 New front - facing cab, single bed, air conditioner
Transmission HW13+HW70
Front axle HF7 drum brake
Driving axle ST16 dingle drum rear axle
Direction machine ZF8118
Bumper high bumper
Rim/Tires 12R22.5*11pcs  Including a spare tire
Capacity 20000Liters
Compartment One or Optional
Material Carbon steel
Color red, white, yellow, green optional
Shipping Terms By Bulk Cargo/RORO/Flat rack ship

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